Trouble in the Magic Kingdom

Voter fraud is an endemic and prolific problem in contested states and predominantly affects Republicans. Democrats use the same, empty rhetorical trick to facilitate it: race baiting. Meanwhile, groups like the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) generate thousands of fictional voters (among them a Mr. Mickey Mouse) in poor areas, throwing up a smoke screen of “Republican racism” to conceal their tactics.
The first time anything remotely racist surfaced in the primaries was when Hillary Clinton’s supporters accused Barack Obama of being a drug dealer, and Obama himself introduced race into the presidential campaign by claiming, falsely and tautologically, that Republicans were obsessed with race. The same tired, half-century-old rhetoric is still the Democrats’ big philosophical gun, primarily because their redistributive politics simply won’t play to an American audience. They have to cloak their policies in civil rights rhetoric to give them weight. However, Democrats have also mastered the racist charge to such a degree that, among other crimes, it functions as a shield for voter fraud.
Recently, a story in the Michigan Messenger (an arm of The Center for Independent Media, an organization for establishing “progressive” – or more accurately “liberal” – investigative blogs in particular states that employs writers from “The New Republic,” among other leftist outlets) claimed that Republicans were attempting to suppress “black voters” by challenging voter registrations from foreclosed homes in Macomb County.
The Messenger had to emend its article because the author misrepresented a Republican official from Michigan. The official told the author that, with increased foreclosures, some registrations would have to be checked because voters may no longer live in the districts they claim to live in. Under Michigan law, an individual is allowed 60 days to vote in his or her district after losing their home. The official did not state that the Republicans were targeting a particular demographic; rather, they would challenge potentially fraudulent ballots across the board and within the law.
The racist charge magically appeared in the article, and it’s because liberal tort-abusing lawyers (the political equivalents of ambulance chasers) will jump on an accusation of racism like red meat. The paper’s intent, I suspect, was to flood the local courts with lawsuits from lawyers claiming a violation of the Voting Rights Act. In other words, groups like the Michigan Messenger take a mundane attempt to stop fraudulent voting, drum up the racist rhetoric and succeed in tainting the issue, falsely, as a violation of minority voting rights.
So Democrats want people who don’t live in a particular district to count as voters? Apparently so, as their congressmen don’t even have to live in the districts that they represent. For example, Democrat Robert Wexler of Florida’s 19th district resides in a Maryland suburb.
Speaking of Florida, guess who ACORN (which endorsed Obama in the primaries, and whom he once represented in a lawsuit) registered in Orlando? Mickey Mouse. The Magic Kingdom is in that district though, so I’m not sure how Republicans will go about suppressing his vote. ACORN also registered the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys in Nevada! Of course, with African-American players Terrell Owens and Marion Barber, the Republicans will be all over this one.
There’s also the issue of having legal identification. For instance, in 2004, Jesse Jackson claimed that Georgia’s anti-fraud laws, which required voters to show identification, were racist. Similar controversy exists in this election. Democrats wouldn’t want a voter to have to prove he’s Mickey Mouse, would they? These incidents are only microcosms of a larger and more virulent issue. In the short term, there are electoral consequences in swing states (1,500 fraudulent ACORN registrants in Philadelphia alone, for instance), but the long-term effects of such shenanigans are more insidious.
Leftist groups engage in guerilla vote-fraud tactics from the ground up. Indeed, the race issue has become a formidable tool for swaying voters toward leftist politics from their early years. It begins in the schools; liberal intellectuals have systematically embraced Marxist criticism as the paramount perspective from which to practice every discipline. Furthermore, they have succeeded in conflating leftism with anti-racism when no such connection is inherent.
From literature to linguistics to environmental science, professors link free market economics to racism. They are, of course, mutually exclusive in principle. While perversions of the constitution and free markets have suppressed minorities, the zeitgeist has shifted since the 1960s (that is the extent to which individuals here and abroad believe one is better or worse because of race). In other words, “racism,” as a pervasive philosophy, has declined. Thus, perversions exist to a much lesser extent, while opportunity and representation grow steadily for minorities.
You won’t hear that in the classroom of course, and that’s because there’s something in it for every liberal. Funding, grants, positions, scholarships, disciplines and entire schools have been manufactured by a movement for redistributive economics. This movement underlies the efforts of ACORN, which seeks to prop up the Democratic Party with fraudulent votes and a mantle of false racial empathy.
The real voter suppression is, in that sense, on the left. Laughably overt and illegal moves like registering Mickey Mouse to vote only scratch the surface. So long as Democrats succeed in labeling free market economics with an inherently racist philosophy, they will be able to suppress conservatism. One can only hope that people will see through the race baiting as it becomes more desperate; maybe then they’ll notice the donkey in the room.

Patrick Ross is a fifth-year English and history double-major. He can be reached at