Céfiore: Another Dose of Dairy Hits Irvine

Another frozen yogurt shop has arrived in Irvine: Céfiore. Although this quaint yogurt shop provides its yogurt at 39 cents per ounce, nine cents more than the price of its popular competitor, Yogurtland, it’s definitely worth it.
Sure, on the surface you may think, “Oh great, another yogurt shop.” But Céfiore is so much more.
While eating your yogurt, you’ll notice that none of the flavors begin to mesh together, unlike some of their competitor’s yogurt. In fact, they won’t even melt into each other before you are done finishing the yogurt.
Another thing that sets Céfiore apart from the rest is their diversity. In addition to yogurt, this tiny eatery offers its customers ice-blended drinks.
But, don’t let the size of Céfiore scare you away. Although there is no seating directly inside the shop, there is a large patio area with tables where you and your friends can flock to while enjoying the fresh air and eating your yogurt.
Céfiore is the equivalent to a Red Mango or Pinkberry with a Yogurtland twist. The yogurt from Céfiore is similar to Red Mango and Pinkberry in that the texture and taste of the yogurt are quite similar. The original flavor is tart, but not too tart. There are also flavors at Céfiore for those non-tart lovers, like chocolate and green tea. Céfiore’s Yogurtland twist allows you to put as much yogurt or toppings in your bowl as you want. Céfiore has all of the classic toppings, from various cereal brands to mochi to all different types of fruit.
After grabbing a quick bite for lunch or dinner at Diamond Jamboree Plaza, Céfiore is a necessary stop that that’s literally just around the corner.