Does Your Girl Like Sports? No? Here’s How to Make it Happen.

“I can’t talk right now babe, can I call you back in the middle of the inning?” If you have ever said this and in return heard the fatal, “Why?,” you might know where I’m coming from on this one. Sometimes girls just are not on the same page with sports.
I have encountered both extremes: the females that absolutely love sports and are die-hard fans with stats knowledge that put me to shame and the girls who are completely aloof when it comes to sports. The latter typically have never played, watched or understood sports and do not plan on diving in anytime soon. I’m cool with that.
But those are somewhat lost causes for what we need to figure out right now. I want to give some options for dudes out there that just want their girl to understand and appreciate sports. I know that getting total converts can be impossible sometimes, but I think sparking a little enthusiasm in them is easily possible and very beneficial.
Step one is to have patience. You have to, because a lot of the time, girls don’t have patience when it comes to watching sports and then they tend to lose interest. If you just get frustrated, they’ll get turned off and view the situation as something negative. Not good, man. Sit and be patient and see if something throughout the game gets them excited. But another reason patience is key is because the easiest way to get your girl excited about sports is to explain it to them. I don’t mean lecture and just give rules.
You have to give them the overall idea behind the action and then that will lead to an explanation of rules later on once they get more interested.
Once you see a girl show that little bit of interest, you know there is a chance for her to enjoy a game as much as you do.
But you have to then take their intrigue and help them to understand the sport more in depth. Not all girls understand baseball or football because girls don’t usually play that growing up. Soccer is easy to explain and so is basketball because most schools have that for Physical Education. But with certain sports, a girl with average sports knowledge may not know that much.
I have seen different methods, like having your lady keep score at a baseball game or getting them jerseys to wear on game day. I think even going on a lower morality note and telling them about players that they might think look good (Don’t think David Beckham). I know, that kind of puts them in the light of being shallow, but let’s be honest: whatever works, right?
And that is the mere reality of the situation. It may never work as well as you want it to. There are certain sports that your girl in particular may never want to watch and that is understandable. I don’t always want to watch the Lions play the Raiders, but sometimes I will just because it is on and I just like to watch sports.
I think that is the general difference between your average dude and your average girl; we watch sports because we like them and girls watch them if they have a reason to watch it.
Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t apply to every girl in any sense. I have my fair share of arguments with girls about AL vs. NL and LeBron vs. Kobe. But this is more directed to what can be referred to as an “on the fence” sports fan.
I got lucky. My woman already has a knowledge of football and likes the Broncos. However, she doesn’t really know about baseball and wants me to get her into it. So I am, and now if I say that I need to call her after the inning, she is cool with it. And that, my friends, is like music to any guy’s ears.
Don’t believe the hype, believe the Hypothesis.