Saw V: More Blood, Guts, and Horror

Jigsaw has returned with yet another disciple ready to take on his work in the much-anticipated fifth installment of the “Saw” series, “Saw V.” Like clockwork, Lionsgate releases a new “Saw” movie every Halloween, and diehard fans have come to anticipate a new effort every October.
Many “Saw” fans are skeptical about the fifth release, questioning whether the series might be starting to lose its potency after the other four. Although “Saw V” may not be as groundbreaking as the first movie of the series, it certainly doesn’t disappoint.
This new chapter in the “Saw” series starts where it last left off in “Saw IV.” Detective Hoffman, played by Scott Patterson, is the new Jigsaw disciple and has taken up his work after Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) dies in “Saw III.” However, Hoffman is forced to start covering his tracks after Agent Strahm, who was captured in “Saw IV,” escapes a death trap in the beginning of the movie.
Strahm becomes obsessed with finding out the truth behind the “Saw” traps, and before long becomes suspicious of Hoffman. A cat and mouse game begins, and continues throughout the movie between Strahm and Hoffman. All the while, five victims are trapped in a room filled with gruesome traps and horrors very similar to the one in “Saw II.” It was actually a relief to see a change in pace from the “torture porn” the “Saw” movies are well known for, and more dynamic character relationships present in the movie.
However, this does not mean that “Saw V” lacks the gut-wrenching gore “Saw II” and “Saw III” were especially known for. This was made painfully clear in the first scene, which involved a swinging pendulum blade and a bare stomach. The most gruesome scene, however, is a trap with two people, where 10 pints of blood are needed to open a door. Hoffman soon reveals that there are 10 pints of blood in a human body, and the madness ensures. Those who love the gore should watch the movie for that scene alone.
As always in the “Saw” movies, the ending is horrifically gruesome and stuffed with much-needed answers to questions from the past “Saw” movies. However, with every answer comes a new question and, of course, a twist in the plot that leaves the audience scratching their heads, wondering how many days until the next Halloween when “Saw VI” comes out.
The movie effectively ties in all four earlier movies as Strahm tries to piece together the Jigsaw mystery. “Saw V” is absolutely filled with the trademark flashbacks the “Saw” series used throughout the ending of each movie. This time, the flashbacks occur throughout the whole movie, which (for the Bell fans) calls for the return of Bell as Jigsaw throughout a majority of the movie.
The one downfall in this movie is that the writers seem to be avoiding the ending of the series. Thanks in part to these flashbacks, the different “Saw” movies start to blur together. It is very easy to lose track of what is happening in the plot at hand, especially since it is virtually impossible to understand “Saw V” without seeing the four installments before it.
It is understandable not to scrap a money-maker, since the “Saw” movies are guaranteed to be successful every Halloween. However, there are only so many plot changes and twists a movie can have without ruining a series, especially since the producers are on a very tight one-year deadline before the next “Saw” movie is scheduled to come out.
For now, the “Saw” series is in the clear with the success of “Saw V.” For those who have not followed the “Saw” series, go rent the first four movies before watching this one to avoid a waste of money and time. In fact, even those who have seen the “Saw” series should make sure they remember most of what happened in “Saw III” and “Saw IV” before seeing “Saw V.”
Other than the potential difficulty in following the plot, “Saw V” is a huge success. For those who enjoy the “Saw” series, it is highly recommended that they go to the fifth one. It will keep you thinking about it all the way until next Halloween when the next “Saw” comes out.