Overheard @ UCI

“I know the best self-defense move ever … here, try to rape me!”
— Arroyo Vista
Overheard by: Caitlin McEvoy

Girl on cellphone:
“Are you saying okay because you agree with me or because you weren’t listening to anything I just said?”
— Ring Road
Overheard by: Erin Johnson

Tour Guide: All the buildings in this complex are named after things from “Lord of the Rings.”
Visitor: Is there Harry Potter housing?
— Ring Road
Overheard by: Makena Dyer

Caucasian guy trying to explain American culture to a Korean girl:
“Do you know what soul food is? S-O-U-L. Like souls and ghosts and things … black people eat it.”
— Starbucks
Overheard by: Melanie Glass