The New University sat down and spoke with Saosin bassist Chris Sorenson, whose band is currently on tour with Underoath, and will hit the Bren Events Center on Saturday, Nov. 15. The Newport Beach native talks about life on tour, UC Irvine and the band’s new album.

New University: So how is the tour going right now, Chris?
Chris Sorenson: It’s going really good. We are having fun.
New U: We hear a lot of stories from bands about odd things happening to them on tour. Has anything weird happened to you guys this time?
Sorenson: No, not really. Everything has been pretty normal. Except we’ve started this weird diet.

New U: What kind of diet is it?
Sorenson: It’s a GNC 7-day cleanse, a full body cleanse.

New U: What does the diet entail?
Sorenson: Well, we wake up, take a pill, eat breakfast and then take this powder thing with it. The rest of the day is kind of like that.
New U: Do you guys even know what you’re putting in your body?
Sorenson: Yeah, it’s just all-natural stuff. It’s an all-natural cleanse.

New U: Why did you guys decide to go through with the diet?
Sorenson: A bunch of us are sick right now. Being on tour for six months is tough, which is pretty long with regard to touring. We hadn’t been eating right.
New U: What’s your favorite fast food then?
Sorenson: I love Del Taco!
New U: Really? Alejandro’s Mexican Food in Costa Mesa is way better. You are a Newport Beach guy, do you know about it?
Sorenson: Don’t get me wrong, I love Alejandro’s, but it’s heavy and you can only have so much. As a Mexican food appreciator, Del Taco is real Mexican food.

New U: You know, I have never been to Del Taco.
Sorenson: What? You go to UCI, there’s one right there. You have to change that. They have the second-best fries!

New U: I hear you like to cook. What’s your best dish?
Sorenson: It has to be my Portebello mushroom burger. I actually stole the recipe from the Veggie Grill.

New U: The one near campus?
Sorenson: Yeah, I love that place. I am there all the time.

New U: You guys are coming back to perform at the Bren Events Center. What is that like for you?
Sorenson: We are stoked to play at the Bren. It’s a landmark venue for us. It’s a big place to play for a local band. The venue is great, it’s our biggest show, the people are great. We’re pumped.

New U: Saosin performed at our Welcome Week a few weeks ago. How was that for you?
Sorenson: It was a great open-air venue. To be honest, we didn’t expect a big crowd. If I was a college kid, I probably would have found better things to do, but the crowd was awesome.

New U: You guys have a new album coming out soon. Tell us more about it.
Sorenson: We started it six months ago, but we’ve been busy with this tour and are still in the process of finishing it. We do have an EP out titled “The Grey,” and it has demo versions of some of the songs on the record. It’s for our fans, so we are only selling it at our concerts.

New U: What are other ways you guys have reached out to your fan base?
Sorenson: Hurley has a studio at their compound. We struck a deal to record there and they would film our sessions there. We set up a multi-camera stream of our recording live on the Internet. The reception for that has been really good. It was a far-fetched idea, but we came through.

New U: What kind of sound and style can we expect in the new album?
Sorenson: The new CD has a bigger sound. We had the opportunity to take some songs to places we couldn’t on the last record. Heavy songs are heavier, and softer songs are softer. We are testing the waters. As far as style, we aren’t changing our style. It happens with other bands. We aren’t ashamed of our last record. We want to progress, but not stray from what made us.

New U: Are there any surprise artists that helped with the album?
Sorenson: Yeah, Butch Walker oversees our vocal production. He is a big name in the pop industry. He’s worked with artists like Avril Lavigne and Pink. That might scare our fans, but we want to find a balance on the spectrum.

New U: Thanks for your time, Chris. We should go to Del Taco or the Veggie Grill sometime.
Sorenson: Thanks man, for sure. See you guys soon!