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UCI Medical Center Fails to Meet Requirements
Editor’s Note: The following article has been modified from its original version for accuracy. The article originally stated that doctors at the UC Irvine Medical Center have continued to fill out forms in advance in order to save time. In actuality, the hospital had only been out of compliance to receive Medicare funding due to unspecified circumstances noted in a pending report.
Health inspectors recently found that the UC Irvine Medical Center is out of compliance to receive Medicare funding. However, the report is still pending and its final findings have yet to be released to the public.
It was initially believed that the survey had been conducted only on sections of the hospital that had come under criticism, but Dr. David Bailey, vice chancellor for Health Affairs, said the inspectors would survey the entire hospital.
In response to the claim, Bailey said the hospital “will respond to any deficiencies.” He also said that the deficiencies in this particular case are not necessarily a part of anesthesiology, rather they are a part of the entire institution. He adds that this is merely an issue of protocol in filling out the appropriate forms at the appropriate time.
Jack Cheevers, spokesman for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services, said UCI needs to put in action a plan of correction upon receiving the inspection report. Once the changes are made, a follow-up inspection will be scheduled.

City Councilman Faces Anger Management
Lance MacLean, councilman of Mission Viejo, hopes self-control classes will help him maintain a good reputation.
In 2007, MacLean was urged to retire early from being executive director for UC Irvine’s student government after being accused of misdemeanor assault and battery against a co-worker at UCI.
He was motivated to lash out by what he thought was a threat to student safety at a concert.
He felt his actions “damaged” his reputation and the court mandated that he attend anger management counseling.
MacLean also found himself in another conflict. On Aug. 18, he and Gail Reavis, a fellow council member, found themselves in an argument, which led to MacLean telling Reavis to “shut the hell up.”
MacLean still has two more years with his position in the City Council. If he cannot find a job soon, he said he may need to relocate due to mortgage payments and other bills.
MacLean said he feels more aware of how he expresses himself and has learned to do so in a way that does not threaten those around him.