‘Quantum’ Gets Physical

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Courtesy of Sony Pictures
The handsome Daniel Craig is both fierce and charming as Mr. Bond.

Every action movie has cool explosions, outrageous car chases and a ridiculously good-looking hero with his even more ridiculously good-looking girlfriends. What almost every action movie does not have is a captivating and engaging plot. Usually, it is the plot that separates James Bond movies from other action films. However, the new Bond release “Quantum of Solace,” simply has no plot. In fact, it might as well be ranked with the likes of “Triple X.”
At first, it seems like “Quantum of Solace” would be as memorable as its predecessors, if not more so. The film opens up with yet another epic car chase, an absolutely stunning babe, played by Ukranian beauty Olga Kurylenko, and the return of the mysterious Mr. White from “Casino Royale.” However, whatever hype the first 20 minutes of the film creates quickly disappears.
What is truly amazing is that for a film with such a seemingly simple plot line, “Quantum of Solace” is actually quite confusing. Throughout the film, Bond is painstakingly recovering from his lost love in “Casino Royale,” while attempting to stop a shady land trade between the United States and a private organization. Of course, there is more behind the trade than land, and it is up to Bond to find out, which is essentially the extent of the plot, with no major twists.
Furthermore, the confusion begins with the number of villains that Bond takes on. At one point, it seems like Bond is fighting everyone including the British Secret Service. While this does lead to a lot more action, no major villain is ever developed. “Quantum” misleads the viewer into believing that a mastermind will be revealed, but that never happens. To top it off, the ever-elusive “Mr. White” disappears from the movie just as quickly as he returns, without providing any contrition to the plot whatsoever. With many elements of the film left unanswered, it’s disappointing when the credits start rolling.
Daniel Craig continues to play Bond as a ruthless, cold-hearted agent, who at times is a little too ready to kill. At one point in the film. Bond’s superior “M” retracts his license to kill. However, the plot conflicts with Bond’s character as he is repeatedly shown grieving over his lost love.
Despite the incongruity, Craig does a fine job portraying Bond with what he is given. He is charming, lecherous and hard-nosed, just as Bond should be.
All criticisms aside, the film is not a total failure, as there is plenty of action that is sure not to disappoint. There are plenty of fight scenes that will leave you wondering, “How the hell did he do that?” The high-quality production of these scenes sets the film apart from other action films. Each fight scene is shot so that the viewer almost feels as if he or she is actually James Bond, or at the very least, watching the fight from a couple feet away.
“Quantum of Solace” is by no means a bad film. However, it isn’t anywhere near the caliber of a classic Bond film. While “Quantum of Solace” has relatively good acting, gorgeous girls, brilliant production and thrilling action, the lack of plot compromises the film’s strengths. Without the legendary James Bond story, “Quantum of Solace” is just another action film.