Overheard @ UCI

Minutes before a midterm:
Student: Sir, I forgot to bring a scantron.
Professor: Here, don’t say UCI never gave you anything.
— Social Science Lecture Hall
Overheard by: Joseph Hernandez

Right after math class:
Girl 1: Math class is like having thorns in all of my toes.
Girl 2: I remember I got stung in the butt once.
Girl 1: How did that happen?
Girl 2: I was little and I was going out to the playground where there were a whole bunch of bees outside and I sat on one — with great force! — and it stung me right through my pants!
— Gateway Commons
Overheard by: Jasper Kuo

“If I took drugs, I would be a smart druggie. Like I’d be going around saying mc=e^2 and stuff.”
—Cross Cultural Center
Overheard by: Raihan Dakhil

“I don’t know what my mom would do if my brother and I went to out-of-state schools. She’d, like, become a frequent flyer or join the Mile High Club or something.”
—Science Library
Overheard by: Michael Swete