Overheard @ UCI

Economics professor: “Ok, since we’ve been talking about sex, let’s use it as an example.
So, men usually don’t have babies …”
— Social Science Lecture Hall
Overheard by: Jason Mateo

Guy 1:”My time is money.”
Guy 2:”I have a lot of spare time.”
Guy 1: “Well, it’s not about having spare time. It’s about how much value you give it.”
Guy 2: “Well, that’s the thing. Since I have so much spare time, I have time inflation, where it has lost its value.”
— Ring Road
Overheard by: Andres Gonzalez

Dude 1: “Blue-Ray [discs are] so real, it’s insane!”
Dude 2: “Yeah, man. Real life isn’t even that clear.”
— ASUCI bus
Overheard by: Cathareen Lim

Student 1: “I thought you don’t like beer.”
Student 2: “I don’t, but I’ll keep trying it until I do.”
—Anteater Pub
Overheard by: Cedric Young