I like Usher. I went to his “Ladies Only” tour. I enjoy romantic comedies and chick flicks. I listen to a lot of pop music, including Fergie and Britney Spears. I like “Gossip Girl”; better yet, I love “Gossip Girl.” I’m a guy, and I am not ashamed.
At first, I was pretty set on being a manly man in all aspects. In high school, I hated when my guy friends were into the “The O.C.” I used the excuse of bad acting as the reason why I did not watch the show, when in fact I had only seen one episode. Then, as I learned to go with everything, I gave it a chance. I was already a big “Laguna Beach” fan, and in my defense, I always became a big fan of the “bad asses” on the show.
Once I gave “The O.C.” a chance, I discovered the beauty of it. You have to accept it for what it is. You know you’re not getting Emmy award-winning acting, or insanely good writing, but you are getting solid entertainment. You enjoy the ridiculousness. I decided to apply this to my everyday leisure interests, and I believe life has become more fun.
I have no shame listening to the newest Britney Spears when a track comes out. If it’s catchy, then I’m all over it.
I have a severe problem with the words “guilty pleasure.” Too many times have I seen my guy friends shrug something off without even giving it a chance. My two greatest examples are the hit television show “Gossip Girl” and Jesse McCartney, the artist.
Both of these two examples automatically gather hate from males just because of their titles and what they are associated with. The words “gossip” and “girl” put together generate feminine images that guys want no part of. They almost feel like they will become girlier if they get into it.
I know because I was a victim of it. And I didn’t give “Gossip Girl” a chance until my best friend Tyler recommended it to me. Tyler watches all these “girly” shows with the legitimate excuse that he has a girlfriend who watches them too. However, like me, Tyler does not judge until he gives it a fair chance. And once he told me “Gossip Girl” was good, I took a few other opinions and then just gave it a shot. I did not regret it.
“Gossip Girl” is whatever was wrong with “The O.C.” done right. Sure it has its moments where it doesn’t seem realistic or it’s too cheesy, but for the most part it has done everything right. The characters are all so unique and entertaining, plus the writing for the show is amazing.
Guys, you just have to get over that it is called “Gossip Girl” and watch a couple of successive episodes and you will undoubtedly have more respect. It’s just like if your girl played a game of football and learned the rules, she would have some sort of interest in watching it with you. You just need to understand.
Now on to Jesse McCartney. J-Mac stepped onto the scene with the single “Beautiful Soul,” which made teenage girls’ hearts go wild everywhere. Then, he played a punk teenager on the show “Summerland” and was not very nice on MTV’s “Punk’d.” He has a lot going against him. However, when Tyler and I heard his recent hit new single “Leavin’,” we were hooked.
Is that Jesse McCartney singing about walking it out, having a G5 and putting his money where his mouth is? Jay-Z only rides a G4, and Jesse McCartney has a G5! That’s hilarious!
The humor we found in his oddly catchy hit single propelled Tyler to jokingly download his album “Departure.” I gave it a listen while I was writing an article, and found myself poppin’ my shoulders and bobbin’ my head. I minimized Microsoft Word, looked at my iTunes in disbelief and said, “Wow, this is actually good.”
Sure the lyrics are hilarious in that they are ridiculous, but the hip-hop R&B beats are awesome, not to mention the songs are very catchy. Why deprive ourselves of this entertaining music? It’s a shame that people won’t give him a chance because of his name. They are missing out on some damn good music.
One can appreciate anything by just giving it a chance with the right attitude. Why have society shape your interests? Eliminating the guilty pleasures just makes room for more pleasures.
I am the Sports Editor; I work out every day, love a great action movie and love eating meat. But I also love “Gossip Girl,” pop music and chick flicks. I am not ashamed.
Guys, next time you are in the car and turned on the radio to hear a song like “Womanizer” blaring through your speakers and are feeling it, but are ashamed, stop yourself and accept it. You will be a happier and more secure person.