Out With the Old and In With the New. Let’s Keep It Fresh People.

Being fresh. What does that mean to you?
For me, it immediately brings one thing to mind: The Fresh Prince. Considering that that was one of best shows ever made, I love my new column name. When our good friend over to the left came up with the new name for his column (“The Swagger”), I wanted something equally as smooth.
“The Freshness” is just that. The idea of being fresh is interpreted in different ways, depending on how you apply it to your life. Like I mentioned before, tween-age kids most likely think of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and start rapping the theme song (“I yelled to the cabbie, ‘Yo holmes, smell ya later, and looked at my kingdom, I was finally there”); I know you know it. For someone like a mom or chef, they may think of fresh produce. For a soap company, it is extremely important to smell fresh, etc.
But for our purposes in this column, it will be interpreted as a forum for me to give a fresh outlook on not only UC Irvine sports, but also the sporting world in general. The monotony of our educational marathon at school can be draining and one outlet to help cope is our sports. They have the ability to take us away from the grind for a short period of time and provide us with a fresh approach to our next assignment, presentation or job interview. And I will help that movement by applying a fresh outlook on sports each week, of course, all while attempting to make fun of as many opposing teams that come through our school as I can fit. Some things just should not change.
So let’s be fresh, shall we.
Our athletic programs started the school year with a bang. Men’s soccer really set a precedent for the winter and spring sports to perform and succeed at a higher level. With a rejuvenated confidence in the men’s basketball team and my growing appreciation for the talent level on the men’s volleyball squad, I can sincerely say I think the winter sports are ready to pick up where fall left off.
The rough start for men’s b-ball means very little if they dominate in league play, and Saturday night’s emotional overtime victory against Cal State Fullerton puts them back on track. The fresh take on them is- drum roll please- the Freshman (We’re keeping it fresh people. Stay with me). Eric Wise has been a huge surprise contributor for the squad since the start of the season and his 25-point game on Saturday has furthered my appreciation for his young, but wise (I couldn’t help myself) presence on the court. Another standout freshman for Saturday’s win was our very own Canadian freshman forward Adam Folker. The kid handled the block with seven points and 11 rebounds, seven of which were offensive.
But the men’s volleyball team is where a lot of my focus will be throughout the winter quarter. Any team that can field two or three different starting lineups on a Division-one level is something to be excited about. It is almost unfair how much talent they have on this year’s team and Mr. Gold Medal himself, Coach John Speraw has his work cut out for him. But I guarantee he is not complaining about his issues, working with the most talented team in the region.
The fact of the matter is, our teams are ready to make some moves and hopefully get some national recognition like our soccer guys. In that case, I will be there every step of the way to give my fresh outlook on these athletes.