Friday, June 5, 2020
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Overheard @ UCI

Guy: We had, like, $1,000 worth of food last night, and we finished it.
Girl: That chicken is dead.
Guy: What?
Girl: The chicken was sick and so they made it a nugget.
— Ring road
Overheard by: Christina Chow

Guy Roomate: I’m the queen of France!
Other Guy Roomate: Then I’m the king of France!
— Student center
Overheard by: Elliott Kwong

Girl (to a friend): I feel like doing something bad tonight.
Many Others: [Laughter]
Girl: Oh, did you guys hear me?
— Mesa Court
Overheard by: Justin Recio

“I think I appreciate water more now than the average citizen.”
— Gateway Commons
Overheard by: Ara Demirjian