Economy is Down, But Spirit is Up

Drew McCarroll | Staff Photographer

Drew McCarroll | Staff Photographer
Despite a low attendance, the Completely Insane Anteaters hold it down strong for their promo video.

This past November the UC Irvine men’s basketball team brought in one of the largest crowds to the Bren Events Center when they played the University of Oregon Ducks. UCI Head Coach Pat Douglass sent a mass e-mail to ‘Eater Nation members, in response to the crowd.
“In my 12 year career here at UCI I have never seen that many students at the Bren. It has an expounding effect on how our players play and participate in the game,” Douglass said.
‘Eater Nation, UCI’s official student fan group, is the largest club on campus with over 4,000 students, and is trying to get all UCI fans to make each basketball game as fun and spirited as the Oregon game.
Nick Coromelas, the UCI Campus Marketing Coordinator is putting together a video that will be posted on later in the month and will have ‘Eater Nation members demonstrating chants and cheers for fans to follow during basketball games. The purpose of the video is to encourage more students and fans to come out and participate in the games, thus increasing school spirit and making games more interactive and exciting.
“Although we had a great turnout for the Oregon game, most UCI fans were not united and we want to give them a funny but purposeful video to help encourage enthusiasm,” Coromelas said.
The video shows lively Anteater fans in their ‘Eater Nation “blackout” shirts cheering on the UCI basketball team. Some of the cheers included are basic chants like “de-fense (clap) (clap) de-fense (clap) (clap),” but others are much more involved, such as the “roller coaster” when the fans move with the leader of the chant and yell “U-C-I-Zot U-C-I-Zot!”
Because UCI is a young school, we are still in the process of making traditions, trying to establish a solid fan base. Average attendance for men’s basketball games is 2,000 to 2,500 people, only 500 to 700 being students. In order to increase attendance and excite the crowd, fans and especially students must become involved.
Along with the video, participation in the upcoming “blackout text” is encouraged, allowing students to choose which game they would like to wear all black.
“We want the students to text in what game they would like to see everyone in the Bren wearing black, either Feb. 7 or Feb. 18. The main idea of this is to get more involvement from the students and let them have a say, rather then us pick a game,” Coromelas said.
The number to text will be sent out in an e-mail to all ‘Eater Nation members next week, and will also be available in next week’s New University. UCI plays UC Davis on Sat. at the Bren. The game will also be shown on Fox Sports Net.
Jan. 31 will be the next tailgating game, and look for more details in the New U next week. Games are free with a student ID and all students receive a free gift with entry; flex dollars are also accepted at games.