News In Brief

Demonstrators at Regent’s Office Arrested, Cited
20 union demonstrators were arrested and cited for trespassing after protesting at the personal business office of University of California Regent’s Chairman Richard Blum on Friday Jan. 16.
Although San Francisco police have not yet confirmed this, in addition to the 20 individuals inside Blum’s office, an estimated 60 people demonstrated outside Blum Capital for around an hour.
The police have reported no damages in what was described as a peaceful, though noisy, demonstration.
Following stalled contract negotiations, protestors argued that the UC refuses to offer its 8,500 service workers decent pay wages. UC officials cite the state’s budget deficit as a limitation on their ability to offer pay raises.
With the California state budget estimated to reach $41.8 billion by 2010, the UC budget has been permanently reduced by $65 million as per the recently released 2009-10 budget proposal.
Blum was reportedly out of town during the demonstration.

Smokers More Likely to Develop Cervical Cancer
While smoking has long been suspected to increase the risk of cervical cancer in women, UC Irvine scientists have now discovered the biological link.
Hans Ulrich Bernard, UCI molecular biology and biochem professor and his colleagues have verified the existence of nicotine receptors in cervical cells.
Nicotine can easily be absorbed and secreted in the cervix. Traces of chemicals found in cigarette smoke have been isolated in the cervical tissue of smoking women. The smoke contains toxic agents which damage the genetic structure of cells.
Nicotine receptors in cervical cells stimulate interaction and encourage cell division, resulting in the growth stimulation turning into cancer.
The American Cancer Society reports that 6,000 deaths occur from 13,500 cases of cervical cancer each year. Women who smoke are three times more likely to develop cervical cancer.
The study was published online in the International Journal of Cancer.