Letters to the Editor

Writer Doesn’t Get the Value of “Comedy Juice College Night”
In the Jan. 20 issue of the New University, Rebecca Aranda wrote a very unfair and misguided review entitled “Brainless College Comedy” about the “Comedy Juice College Night” that is put on every Tuesday night at the Irvine Improv in order to entertain stressed-out students, mostly free of charge. I know this because I am a regular performer on this show (though I guess I was lucky to miss out on Aranda’s scorn this particular night).
Aside from getting the name of the show wrong (a tell-tale sign of her interest in an accurate portrayal), she seemed just to have vitriol toward what she terms “College Comedy” that doomed the review before the show even began. If Aranda is an alt-comedy snob who finds humor only in the bespectacled musings of nerdy alternative comics in small black-box theaters, then she had no business writing this review in the first place.
She would have hated it no matter what. Her task was to review a “College Comedy” show. If she hates “College Comedy,” then she didn’t even have to attend to cast her opinion. Her task should have been to review the show as compared to other “college comedy.” Would she write a review of an NBA playoff game by saying it was no ballet? It was a no-win situation for those working hard to entertain these crowds week in and week out. The show was in front of a nearly sold-out crowd of 300, and its goal was to broadly entertain and serve as simply a hilarious, enjoyable release for overworked students. And it has been packed weekly for over three years. Does that tell you something about its popularity or enjoy-ability?

Ben Gleib