Public NewSense

Thumbs Down to Former World Boxing Association Welterweight Champion Antonio Margarito: Prior to his bout this past Saturday with newly crowned champion Shane Mosley at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Margarito was found with a plaster of Paris-like substance hidden in the wrap job around his fists. According to one article written for The Los Angeles Times, California Boxing Commission (CBC) officials are now investigating the possibility that Margarito was attempting to cheat. It remains unreported if the CBC will next investigate whether or not the sky is blue.
Thumbs Up to NetApp Founder David Hitz: Although he is perhaps best known for his entrepreneurial skills, the title of his memoir released this week has a dual meaning. Hitz’s work “How to Castrate a Bull: Unexpected Lessons on Risk, Growth and Success in Business” refers not only to his business approach, but also to taking life by the balls, literally. Working as a bull castrator during his college years, Hitz’s choice of title is quite telling. It goes to show that when it all comes down to it, no matter how wealthy or successful a man can be, there is no feeling quite like emasculating someone bigger than you.
Thumbs Down to U.S. District Judge David S. Cercone: Judge Cercone recently found Zhihong Zeng of Fremont, California not guilty “only by reason of insanity” in a Pennsylvania court case. What was her crime? Eight counts of mail fraud and conspiracy in defrauding online advertising companies (makes sense). Just think of all the great ways insanity has been showcased through online crimes on the silver screen. Who could forget Jack Nicholson sending out spam e-mails and phishing in “The Shining?” Wait, that didn’t happen. Unfortunately, Cercone’s unusual justification for this not-guilty decision did.
Thumbs Up to America’s Awful Economy: Now, before you start hissing, let’s go over what you may have overlooked. The Los Angeles Times reports that in the past six months, the trash deposited in the Puente Hills Landfill has decreased by 30 percent compared to nearby municipalities. This is due to the fact that since Americans have less money, they are spending less on indulgences such as fast food, disposable cups and plates. Although Obama-mania may inspire change in America’s economic future in the long run, Americans are still waiting on that change. With that said, individuals may want to take this opportunity to find the silver lining of the ailing economy and be less wasteful.
Thumbs Up to Kristina Gill, Archeology Student-extraordinaire at UC Santa Barbara: While working on Santa Cruz Island, Gill discovered a tusk, believed to have belonged to an extinct pygmy mammoth. If confirmed, researchers hope to learn more from the finding, such as how this species died out and what possible links exist between pygmy mammoths and modern animals such as elephants. The only regrettable part of the finding is that it was not made by a UC Santa Cruz graduate student. If that were the case, the pygmy mammoth could then be named their new mascot, since UCSC could hardly out-weird their current mascot, the Banana Slug.