News In Brief

UCI Students Open Free Weekly Medical Clinic
Extending the original 10-year-old, student-run medical clinic, Clinica Carino, UC Irvine students opened the UCI Outreach Clinic in November, providing weekly care for the uninsured; Clinica Carino was only able to offer once-a-month referral service to patients.
With staff support from the school of medicine as well as financial support from private donors, the Outreach Clinic now offers primary care, preventive medicine, laboratory testing, medication and health care referral service every Saturday.
UCI medical students thoroughly trained in clinic management, and working under the supervision of faculty physicians led by Medical Director Dr. Emily Dow and Associate Dean for Diversity Dr. Alberto Manetta, offer free services as they learn how to properly care for the underserved.
The concept to expand Clinica Carino, a clinic in partnership with Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen in Santa Ana, was first proposed in 2006. Recognizing the extent of unmet services required by the community, they hope to expand further and incorporate dental care, vision care, legal services and mental health counseling as well.
The UCI Outreach Clinic in the Village of Hope is hosting a grand opening ceremony Feb. 25.

Gaming Community Benefits Global Marketplace
The simultaneous growth and expansion of the global marketplace with the popularization of emerging technology in the realm of multiplayer computer games and online virtual worlds is the basis of a UC Irvine study to apply advanced technology to serious work groups.
The decentralization of worldwide organizations has led to a surge in the need for reliable communication. UCI has received a $3 million grant from the National Science Foundation to study how technologically improved forms of communication from games such as “World of Warcraft” can be adapted to help organizations develop long-distance communications methods that will allow them to expand more efficiently.
Researchers aiming to understand the conditions that lead to failure and success are collaborating with aerospace, telecommunications, transportation and electronics industries and the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana to experiment with group planning, decision-making and training.
The three-year research plan will be led by UCI’s Institute for Software research.

UC System Initiates Pay Freezes for Administrators
In January, the UC system initiated pay freezes for 285 top level administrators, limiting any increases to current salaries. The decision to implement the measure was done in consultation with senior leadership system wide, and will save approximately $1.3 million each year.
This figure accounts for just a small part of the reductions the UC has made. At the office of the president in Oakland, reductions have been made to save around $30 million this year, and additional reductions will be made in the coming months.
According to Nicole Savickas, UC human resources coordinator, “We are doing all we can to fulfill our obligation as a public institution in these difficult financial times.”
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s January proposal to reduce the annually allotted UC budget by $65.5 million may compel the UC system to seek permanent reductions across campuses.