If Women Ruled the World

At some point in their lives, most women throw their hands up in frustration and exclaim, “Everything would be better if women ruled the world. There would be no war and we would all eat Ben and Jerry’s all day!”
Now if the world were populated entirely by women, it would most definitely prove vastly different. The sports bars would be turned immediately into non-threatening clubs. Without men, women would feel safer to walk the streets alone. Institutions like aviation, the military and business, dominated by men for thousands of years, would be truly open to all women for the first time, and the medical community would finally focus on curing cancer instead of giving old bald men hair and erections.
However, believing that a world ruled by women would be utopian is absurd and can easily be countered with historical examples and psychological data. Men and women are part of the human species with an equal amount of flaws, so they must rely on each other to survive and propel society forward.
First, many pre-modern societies have been run by women and were not strangers to war and suffering. Empresses and queens from Catherine the Great to Queen Elizabeth have created war all around the world. Women were able to gather power outside of Europe. In East Asia, empresses ruled China and not necessarily in peacetime. Empress Dowager Cixi, ruler of China, went to war over Vietnam, one of dozens of examples from the region.
Before European intervention in North America, many native tribes were headed by women. However, these tribes were almost in constant conflict with one another for thousands of years. The Iroquois nations relied on war to rebuild their populations, making conflict part of their way of life.
There are more than historical examples to support the idea that a world run by women would not be all puppy dogs and smiles. Any woman will be the first to tell you they prefer to fight with men rather than with other women. Is this because they are better at it than men are? Actually, it is due to the nature of their conflicts. Women attack people socially, utilizing group sticks-and-stones tactics, while men tend to utilize direct and individual confrontations. This goes beyond common sense; it is also backed by psychological experiments. Women are born fighters, just like men. The only difference between them lies in their methods.
Men clearly do not run a perfect world. Our economy is in complete shambles. A male-dominated patriarchy has led us into an uncountable number of military conflicts. Instead of spending money to distribute medicine for common diseases or discovering a cure for AIDS, our medical industry has focused on lesser, insignificant issues like baldness.
I merely wish to point out that an exclusively female-run society would be equally as poor. In our male-dominated world the medical community spent billions on hair renewal and erectile dysfunction medicine. In a female world, the concerns would be just as vain with money designated for fighting menopause.
Brian K. Vaughn imagined a world where every mammal with a Y chromosome died in his epic comic book, “Y the Last Man.” Think of it as a gender-oriented “Children of Men.” The work successfully explores issues of gender, race, identity and fate as the last male on Earth. His world has become a nightmare, filled with war, violence and hatred.
The point of the book is not to suggest that women are incapable of running their own society. In fact, eventually they do and the main character is an incompetent everyman. The point is that both genders need one another. One should act as a counterweight for the other, striving to keep their opposite’s darker tendencies in check.
Imagine a world where men roamed free to do as they pleased. If every woman instantly disappeared on Monday, I guarantee that all men would stop shaving by Friday. Problems go beyond the hygienic issues. An enormous proportion of human advancement was done for the sole purpose, at least indirectly, for sex. Either to secure the family line or for the simple joy of “getting some,” man has sought to better himself since the beginning of time, and all these achievements would cease production immediately. Without striving to create or provide for future generations, the gears of progress would virtually grind to a halt.
A world run by women would not be any better than our current one. Historically, societies run by women have had the same set of economic and military hardships. Psychology has shown that women and men are not that different overall. They each do what the other does, just in a different manner. Concentrating all the power in either gender’s hands is never beneficial. More men are in power today, but our current situation is a result of human flaws, not those of gender. A world ruled by women would experience almost the exact same set of problems as our world ruled by men.