Public NewSense

Thumbs Down to Glenn Beck: After California recently voted against offshore drilling, Fox News commentator Glenn Beck’s blood got boiling and decided it was time for drastic measures — specifically kicking our state out of the union. Naturally, California’s decision to forego the waste of time that is offshore drilling should be greeted with expulsion from the United States; sounds fair and balanced to me. If it gets us away from anchors like Beck, then I say we go for it. We’ll have a party with Hawaii. Alaska can come too.
Thumbs Up to Bristol Palin: New mother Bristol Palin sat down with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren in what seemed to start out as a right-wing love-in that eventually transformed itself into a sad attempt to drag out conservative rhetoric from a teenager simply trying to adjust to her new role in life while trying to avoid the “mavericky” shadow of her mom. In the bare honesty that only a young mother unaccustomed to the spotlight could conjure up, Palin went through the interview explaining that though she loves her son, she wished she could have had him maybe 10 years later in life. However, the most interesting part of the interview had to be her claim that everyone should be “abstinent or whatever, but it’s not realistic at all.” A Palin calling abstinence unrealistic? Maybe she’s the true maverick.
Thumbs Down to Arkansas: Following the recent trend of out-of-control congregations, a new bill passed in Arkansas that allows people to bring their guns to church. I can only say it’s about time. After all those reports of people being mugged in church parking lots, it’s about time a state had enough foresight to allow people to arm themselves. Wait, I actually haven’t heard that being a problem at all. Actually, church is the last place I’d expect people to be packing heat. All I know is a crowd of Bible-pounding zealots armed with handguns is yet another reason for many to steer-clear of church and do something productive, like read a book.
Thumbs Up to Democracy: In an effort to allow its citizens the maximum chance to participate in the democratic process, Estonia has become the first country to allow its people to vote via text messaging. The country will see the roll out of a special chip that will verify a voter’s identity through his or her phone when voting in order to prevent any fraudulent votes or hacking. If successful, this technology may be the key to awakening apathetic citizenry, such as in the United States. Or maybe it will just make voting for American Idol easier, who knows.