LMFAO Delivers Plenty of Laughs

Justin Abercrombia | Staff Photographer

Justin Abercrombia | Staff Photographer
LMFAO plays the Student Center in the wake of DJ AM and Travis Barker’s postponed on campus concert.

After the disappointing news that DJ AM and Travis Barker were not going to perform at the Bren Events Center for homecoming, ASUCI was on the hot seat. As they have done all year, ASUCI came through again last Wednesday by bringing LMFAO to the Student Center for a free concert at noon.
LMFAO, which was slated to perform with Barker and AM, took the stage at 12:30 p.m. in front of a packed crowd in front of the Student Center stage that stretched as far as the ATMs and the Pub, and all the way back to the food court adjacent to it.
Many students had not heard of LMFAO, but the scene created by the loud pop dance and remixes from the DJ was enough to draw a crowd of roughly 800 to 1,000 students. LMFAO was no longer a secret as it dazzled the crowd with its immature lyrics and contagious hip-hop dance beats.
LMFAO came out to an adapted version of its hit single “I’m in Miami, Bitch.” The crowd erupted when the chorus finally rang, “I’m in OC, Bitch” with many of the LMFAO faithful near the stage breaking into dance.
LMFAO is the epitome of the new direction hip-hop is taking as far as instrumentals. The two members are mixing electronic club beats with hip-hop that creates catchy dance music that can be listened to everywhere, from the car to the gym or to a party. As much as its music gets your body moving, LMFAO’s lyrics do not cease to entertain. The band’s lyrics revolve around the members’ sex lives and its own “awesomeness.”
LMFAO had first settled on Sexy Dudes as its band name before Sky Blue, one of the two band members, pitched the name to his grandmother. When he told her that that was the name they decided on, she responded with “LMFAO,” referring to the instant messaging acronym. Sky Blue consulted his “partner in rhyme,” Redfoo, and it was settled.
Although one could assume that LMFAO is from Miami because of its hit single, both members are actually from Hollywood. Miami is where it began rocking the club scene with its experimental DJing. Blue and Foo didn’t find their niche until they traveled cross country to South Beach in Miami and fed off the non-stop party lifestyle.
The duo went back to Los Angeles and created original dance songs in its studio apartment and uploaded them onto its MySpace page. Next, LMFAO matched its style with its music, sporting loud colored original t-shirts and glasses without the lenses.
LMFAO songs cater to the college party crowd, and would most certainly put confused, offended countenances on the faces of the older community as it did on the UCI faculty and officials who were huddled in the corner of the Student Center audience.
Many of LMFAO songs carry sexual innuendo and hilarious boasting that combine for an oddly entertaining experience. The highest energy received from the crowd in the hour-long performance was achieved during “I Am Not a Whore.” After proclaiming that the ladies were staring at their crotches, Blue and Foo broke out:”Most girls I meet are quite savage / Always tryna’ grab up on my package / They say I look yummy and they want a taste / But I’m a human not a sandwich.”
After which the crowd broke out in a daze of laughter and dance as groups of female students and a handful of males, rushed onto the stage and pelvic thrusted and sang along with the comedic musical duo.
“I am not a whore / I am not a whore / I am not a whore / I am not a whore / I am not a whore / I am not a whore / But I like to do it,” Blue and Foo sang.
While the group’s popularity is no longer as scarce as its bare Wikipedia page, LMFAO is slowly catching on. The group is gaining some popularity through the radio, but have made tremendous strides with its innovative and relatively inexpensive publicity moves. The duo is traveling to college campuses and many small venues throughout the nation, and keeping fans updated with hilarious daily YouTube videos.
Its goal is to make the earth the party planet, and its quest will take a significant boost on April 1 with the release of its electric debut album, “Party Rock.”
If you don’t mind silly, immature lyrics and love a captivating beat, LMFAO is just perfect for you.