Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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The Athletes are Getting It Done and The Pressure is Now on You

The time is approaching rapidly. Do not, I repeat, do not be left behind for what is about to happen. Plant yourself in the middle of it and never stray from that center of this excitement.
It is very important that you listen to my words extremely and ridiculously closely. In order to start the initial push toward the next best moments in your college career, you must be ready and willing to put your heart on the line.
In just a few weeks time, UC Irvine will be at the center of national collegiate sports. Yes, you read the last sentence correctly. We will be on the highest level in national collegiate sports and causing some damage as we go.
Now, listen to this. You have the opportunity to be front and center to this beautiful moment and even affect the outcome of it.
In just three weeks, our men’s basketball team will be given its chance to instill complete faith in our hearts. They will be heading to the Big West Conference Tournament right when they are peaking. This team has been through the ups-and-downs that it takes to become a team of destiny. At the start, it played under expectations and made it hard for the Irvine faithful to keep believing. But we did, and they gave us important wins in return. The fellas have won three of their last four games and are heading into the last parts of the season one win under .500. But more importantly, the Anteaters are coming off of two home wins in a row that packed the Bren with the likes of you.
Well, I am now telling you to stay on this ride as the team will be heading to the Anaheim Convention Center on March 11 for the Big West Championship Tournament. The winner of this tournament gets an automatic bid to March Madness. I am asking and telling you to get on the shuttles from Irvine to the Anaheim Convention Center and show just a little more love to our soldiers on the court.
And at the same time, get in the heads of the other team and make it a little easier on our boys.
With your help, we can make it to the biggest basketball tournament in the world and become an instant Cinderella story. You might as well type in UCI into your facebook bracket right now.
But before you do that, it is imperative that you realize we have the best volleyball team this side of the Mississippi. If watching these guys perform is just as good, if not better, than watching an Olympic squad play. You have to realize that if you have yet to make it to a volleyball match this season, you are doing yourself, and the team, a true disservice.
Volleyball is the easiest sport to talk trash at. There are quiet moments after every point and before the serves, which any good fan knows is all you need to ruin an opposing team’s night.
With that being said, it is hard to talk trash because our team is so ridiculously good. We have dominated in all but three games this year. We have the potential to win one of the toughest conferences in all of college sports and do it in style.
Even if you do not like to talk trash, you should take after the example set forth by a group of freshman girls that sat two rows behind me in the last match.
The girls were completely enthralled in the match, not because they hated Long Beach State, but because they loved watching our guys fly for a kill. Well, to be honest they loved one guy. Every time freshman phenom Carson Clark leaped boundlessly through the air, one of the girls would yelp out “beautiful” as he went for the kill. After every hit, point or no point, the group of girls would be fanning their faces as if to cure their blushing cheeks. After Clark would come down from his flight, the girls would all look at each other and giddily proclaim that he was a good looking guy.
Now, hear me when I say I am toning down their words a bit. As a man, I am not going to put the kinds of things they were saying in The Freshness when talking about a dude. Let’s just say they were stoked on the match.
Now hear this, if you have yet to jump on this boat, the time is now for you to stop studying and get out to the next volleyball match. We will soon be winning our way to the NCAA Final Four, which will be televised on ESPN, and it would be devastating if you failed to be a part of this amazing journey. I have been on it from day one and I continually get surprised by these guys. My only regret is being a reporter first, thus not being able to make fun of some of these other teams. So, for sake of the void I feel within, I need you to step it up and get in some heads. You can do it, I promise.
Now, last but not least, baseball. This team is going to complete Irvine’s most productive year in sports ever. With soccer stepping it up in fall, volleyball on its way and basketball picking up its game at the right moment, the potential for this school year to end as the best year in Irvine sports is high.
But the key to this happening lies in the hands of our most potent team on campus: the baseball team. It is ranked fifth in the nation at the moment and after two straight years of breaking down the door to the national stage, the guys are fired up and ready to make another run to Omaha. But my inner baseball guru is telling me not to say too much and let their play do the talking. But all superstition aside, I think these guys have what it takes to officially put Irvine into the realm of a powerhouse school.
But in order for that to happen, I am putting the pressure completely on the students. We have yet to establish a student section at Anteater Ballpark and it is now time for us to take control. Our first home game is Tuesday at 7 p.m. and I want to see every student on the grassy knoll directly behind the visiting dugout.
I am over the relaxed energy at that ballpark. Teams should dread coming to our house and the first step in changing that is to plant ourselves right behind their dugout.