The Company: Bigger, Faster and Stronger

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Matt Dufour, Chris Lopez and Dillon Bell (above) are the spearheads of The Company this season for UCI.

The Swagger caught up with UC Irvine baseball’s The Company and talked about the state of The Company, its process, and hypothetical questions, with Matt Dufour. Dillon Bell and Chris Lopez leading the squad.

New University: First things first, Matt. How did you get into The Company?
Matt Dufour: I did some acting in the skits last year, and then I won the tryouts this year on something like American Idol.
New U: Who was your main competition?
Dufour: Brock Bardeen and Noel Avison.
(Chris Lopez) C-Lo: Brock did a robot voice of Jeff Cusick. He did it pretty well, but Dufour really caught our eye. Our show was called “So You Think You Can Act, %$^.”
New U: What are Matt’s talents?
Dillon Bell: He specializes in impersonations.
C-Lo: He does a Coach Bob Mack, Coach Mike G. He’s pretty outrageous. And he did a pretty good Kyle Necke yesterday.

New U: How important is The Company to the success of this team?
Dufour: Very little.
New U: How about on a scale from one to 12?
C-Lo: I am gonna give it a 9.3. We can only do so much. We can only act. We can’t throw strikes, we can’t hit home runs, but we can make them laugh, we can make them loose. We can make fun of our batting averages, our ERAs. But we do a lot, I think.
Bell: It starts the day off on a positive note.

New U: How has the quality of the company been this year?
Bell: So far, it’s been top-notch.
New U: You guys haven’t felt anything from the departure of Ollie Linton?
Bell: Ollie was pretty good for ideas and for hosting.
Dufour: Ollie was overrated.
New U: Wow, Matt. Strong emotions. What do you bring that Ollie didn’t bring?
Dufour: I don’t know that I bring anything that Ollie didn’t bring, but maybe he was played up a little more so than Chris last year.
C-Lo: He definitely was overrated. Matt brings a good new face to the crowd, he’s got a lot more features that he can play.
New U: So you are not saying that Matt was brought on board because of his brown-nosing?
C-Lo: No, no, no. I brought him on because he has clever ideas. I think the new three has started off the new season much better than in years past. The better question is “Who is Ollie Linton?” We don’t need him.
New U: So you guys don’t miss him at all?
C-Lo: I really don’t. I got Big Daddy D here and Matt, the Arctic Rush.
New U: Is there a nickname for you, C-Lo?
C-Lo: I am just C-Lo Green. You can put anything in the middle like “machine.” Like I am C-Lo Green the Machine, the “best-looking coach on the team machine.” “Comes up with the best ideas machine.”

New U: So what is the process?
Bell: C-Lo brings the outrageous idea the day of the game, and I hone it down and bring it together.
C-Lo: I am pretty much the executive producer and the creator. D-Bell is the editor, the last guy it goes to clean it up. You can even ask Matt Dufour.
New U: Matt?
Dufour: We are all a part of it. We bring it all together. C-Lo was a bit nervous at the beginning but he has really settled in.

New U: How has The Company trio chemistry been this season?
C-Lo: You could tell that last year me and D-Bell were jealous of Ollie. Now you can tell that these two are jealous of me. I am leading the pack.
Bell: Do not let him take the spotlight!
C-Lo: I am the guy!
Bell: Oh my god!

C-Lo: You know what, we are all friends but we are not appreciating how you guys are talking about [The Company] in the newspaper. Asking “How are we going to survive?”
New U: The departure of Ollie Linton was huge.
C-Lo: Whatever. You can’t be printing that in The Swagger or The Oracle, whatever you call it. We are not appreciating how you are talking about us.
New U: Freedom of speech.
Bell: There were some questions C-Lo. C-Lo gets a litte bit rattled with these kinds of things.
C-Lo: I will take all the newspapers …
New U: Are you threatening the New U staff?
C-Lo: Yes …

New U: Who would you guys want to see on the team that takes steroids, if it was allowed?
Bell: I would like to see Ryan Fisher. He’s 6 feet 3 [inches], good body, he drives the ball well. He could be something with some meat on him.
Dufour: And he could grow some facial hair.
C-Lo: I would like to see Andy Lyons. He is probably 95 pounds, and he throws 80ish. If he bulked up he could be dangerous.

New U: If you guys were to have any non-baseball athlete on the team who would it be and at what position?
Dufour: I would have LeBron James play the outfield.
Bell: I would have Shaq pitch.
C-Lo: I would have David Beckham.
New U: Why Beckham? And what position would he play?
C-Lo: For the girls. He would bring some more girls into the stands for Bell and Dufour. He would be the bat boy.
New U: I think we’ll end on that.