A Day in the Life of Kaba Modern

Kaba Modern 2009: (Back row from left to right) Chris Baclig, Geo Lee, Darren Wong, Ramy Sidhom, Marko Cristal, Deyo Forteza, Jon Aldanese, Katie Uno. (Middle row from L to R) Josh Espinosa, Amy Chang, Jay McDaniel, Julie Yamanaka, Chiell Ann Pereira, Dan

In order to raise money for costumes, competition fees and social events, KM sets up a fundraiser on Ring Road selling Spam Musubi for $2 and T-shirts for $15. They raise about $220 in just a few hours. While Adele Joven, a KM alumni, third-year Paul Ti

Darina Littleton, a second-year returner, advises third-year Deyo Forteza, the music director of the group of the mix that she has choreographed her piece with. Members individually showcased their choreography in an audition held by the coordinators and

The ladies of KM perform their routine while the men overlook and take a break on the steps. The guys will practice their performance next.

Cynthia Kim, along with the rest of the team, dances full-out holding nothing back as a song by music group, Olympic Runners, resonates from a large speaker (known as “Wall-E”). Segments of the routine are taught initially without music and then grad

After every practice and before every performance, the team gathers in a tight huddle and spiritedly roots, “Wooah Fams!” The KM team highly values their family-like community. Upon arriving and leaving any gathering, each member makes their rounds

Jon Aldenese, a second-year returner and Kinesiology major, comes early to a Wednesday night rehearsal to catch up on his studies. The members must maintain a 2.0 grade point average to stay on the team. This is enforced by the KM academic committee who

A week before auditions in mid-February, hundreds of hip-hop dancing hopefuls attended workshops on the ground floor of the Social Science parking structure for three consecutive nights to learn a set of routines choreographed by KM coordinators. Paul Ti