Peter the Anteater is Way Good at Expressing Himself. Listen Up

I am the voice of our Anteater, because all he can do is say ZOT. This is my “conversation” with Peter the Anteater.

The Freshness: Pete, do you love UCI?
Peter the Anteater: ZOT!
Translation: Yes.

Fresh: That was an easy one. Next; do you love being ripped?
Peter: ZOT!
Translation: YES!

Fresh: I agree. I like you being ripped. Now Pete, this is where it gets a little more difficult. Have you ever doubted how good you look?
Peter: ZOT ZOT!
Translation: Hell no. (Peter got off his interview stool a little.)

Fresh: All right, sorry I asked. Cool down, big guy. I’ll jump on something a little more favorable. Did you hit up the volleyball matches this weekend, and did you enjoy them?
Peter: ZOT ZOT.
Translation: The matches were ridiculous. It’s amazing to watch the best teams in the country play at the Bren, and when it is my team representing the best in the country, it makes it that much more special. They are really, really good.

Fresh: Wow, Pete. It’s wild how much you can say with only a few Zots. That is sick. Do you think the volleyball team has been sick this year?
Peter: ZOT ZOT!
Translation: So sick!

Fresh: Why, Pete, why?
Peter: ZOT ZOT.
Translation: It has to be the team’s emotion and that evolution of energy throughout a match. Volleyball is the only sport that allows so much celebration in one match. One team is guaranteed at least 30 outbursts a set. It’s so easy to get amped off of that.

Fresh: Word. I have seen nothing else like it in college sports. Any moment in particular you can point out?
Peter: ZOT ZOT.
Translation: I can’t say there is one particular moment in the season, but different moments in matches that get me really hyped. I love when the front line gets a block and once they land, they disperse in different directions, all unloading battle cries. But I have to say, Jordan DuFault has the best battle cry after a block. The dude looks like he just stuffed Shaq, one on one. It’s phenomenal to watch.

Fresh: In your opinion Pete, what is unique about our crowds at these matches?
Peter: ZOT ZOT.
Translation: It has to be how our students are an all-encompassing bunch. You have the volleyball locals, as I like to call them, in the wood bleachers on the far end of the arena. Then you have your massive student section in the middle and the end opposite of the wood bleachers, which has seen a big rise in trash talkers lately. If you are the other team, there is no escaping our wrath of heckling. Oh, that reminds me; another thing I love about volleyball is how easy it is to heckle.

Fresh: I completely agree. My boy Lopes was getting after the setter from USC this week. It was beautiful. Is there anything that irritates you about the crowds?
Peter: ZOT! … ZOT ZOT.
Translation: Yeah! In last week’s match against the University of Southern California, the crowd was filled for the first two sets, but for some odd reason, big chunks of students just left. I heard it had something to do with signing in or whatever, but my question is: if you are already there, then why not just stay an extra 40 minutes and cheer for your school? We were first in the nation going into Wednesday night. I understand if a fan has something to do and leaves. But there is no reason for entire groups of kids to leave mid-match against USC. It shows you are not there to support UCI athleteics and the athletes themselves. It was disappointing. I got a little upset.
Fresh: Word … You are a passionate guy, Pete. There is no denying that. Anything else you want to get off your chest?
Peter: ZOT ZOT.
Translation: I hate seeing kids wearing non-UCI gear on campus. The other day, I saw a kid wearing a USC T-shirt, coupled with Minnesota University sweatpants. What an idiot. Do these people not realize they go to a division one school with great sports? How does that look to an Irvine athlete?

Fresh: Whoa there my friend. Simmer down now. Don’t body-slam me. What do you think needs be done, big Pete?
Peter: ZOT
Translation: I think kids need to stop complaining about what our school lacks and start enjoying what our school has. Every week there is a big game on campus, but there is hesitancy for students to make it out and watch. I am not asking for the entire student body at every game. But my people, it is time to realize that this is not only free entertainment, but a chance to experience actual college.

Fresh:This has been a great talk. I feel closer to you brother. I actually just added you on facebook. Any last words?
Peter: ZOT…
Translation: ZOT…
Fresh: My thoughts exactly.