The Second in Command

Executive Vice Presidential Candidates:

Anush Patel – Second-year business economics major
Relevant Experience: Earned Eagle Scout rank, member of Vista Community Council, member of ASUCI and operated under office of current executive vice president
Political Platform: Passage of the California Affordability Act to freeze tuition, engineer a pilot program for the UC System to follow in the footsteps of the California Open Source (free) Textbook Project, streamlining parking lots and the permit system to make parking more user-friendly.

Samir Qurashi – Fourth-year biological sciences major
Relevant Experience: ASUCI Office of the President Intern, Biological Sciences Representative for ASUCI Legislative Council, Chaplain and Corresponding Secretary on Executive Board of IFC Fraternity, Philanthropy Chair of IFC Fraternity, Chairmen of Greek Week 2009, Department Coordinator for CCE Program at Hoag Memorial Hospital
Political Platform: Oppose any fee or tuition increase, address any financial issues students may express, increase outreach to clubs and organizations on campus by exposing them to all available resources, expand current resources for the upcoming year, ensure that students’ rights are represented in our state government, hold student-elected representatives accountable.

Jesse Cheng – Third-year Asian American studies major
Relevant Experience: ASUCI Legislative Council Representative, Asian Pacific Student Association Co-Chair, Asian Pacific Student Association Advocacy Chair, Cross-Cultural Center Administrative Intern, Multicultural Programming Committee Chair, Student Fee Advisory Committee Chair, ASUCI Campaign Manager, Arroyo Vista Community Programmer, Academic Senate Rep, Tuition Relief Now Campus Campaign Organizer, Teach For America Campus Campaign Coordinator
Political Platform: Strengthen UCI’s LobbyCorps program, ensure affordable education, increase the use of e-books, create a more positive campus climate for LGBT, people of color and marginalized students, push admissions to adopt the “holistic admissions” model, publicize current ASUCI actions, create a monthly newsletter.

Geo del Carmen – Third-year political science major
Relevant Experience: Democratic Party of OC Lead Intern, State of California Democratic Party officer, City of Oakland – City Council intern, Barack Obama 2008 lead campaign coordinator-Santa Ana Office, ASUCI EVP External Politics Research, CCC- APSA board member
Political Platform: Students first. More budget allocation for programs, such as massive concerts or bolstered athletics, benefiting students that do not have special interest affiliations on campus, fight for a student-run bookstore that financially helps students, advocate to cease Aramark renewal licenses, create a voice in Irvine by establishing a student committee that works with Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Candidates:

Andrew Vo – Third-year business economics major
Relevant Experience: ASUCI Chief-of-Staff intern, ASUCI Homecoming Committee member, ASUCI Publicity Committee member, ASUCI Spirit Commissioner, ASUCI University Affairs Commissioner, ASUCI Deputy Chief of Staff, Student Center Board at Large Representative, Student Center Vice Chair, Care-A-Thon Founding Father, Care-A-Thon Executive Director, Care-A-Thon Vice President, SPOP staffer
Political Platform: Enhance AMP mentor program, maximize potential of professor luncheons, create a movement that will allow motivated students to create their own major, improve the UTeach program, publicize the Student Recommended Faculty Program, renovate the speaker and debate series.

Christian Medero – Second-year criminology, law and society major
Relevant Experience: ASUCI Office of Academic Affairs; Chief of Staff Intern, Student Services Assistant for ASUCI Office of Student Services, Events Assistant for ASUCI Program Coordination, ASUCI Vendor Fair Coordinator.
Political Platform: Increase the marketing of all events, programs, debates and luncheons put on by the Office of Academic Affairs, reformat the Anteater Mentorship Program by making it more structuralized and add incentive to students to become a mentor, as well as developing the programming to establish a closer bond between mentor and mentee, revitalize the professor luncheon series so that students can interact with their professors in a casual environment.