The Specialist Intermediaries

VP of Student Services Candidates:

Danny Longmire – Third-year business Economics
Relevant Experience: ASUCI At-Large Representative, ASUCI Finance Chair for the Legislative Council, ASUCI Parking and Transportation Chair, ASUCI Public Information Committee member, ASUCI Housing and Dining Committee member, ASUCI Student Programming and Funding Board member, External Vice President and Treasurer of IFC Fraternity, Administrative Internship Program for the Dean of Students, Undecided/Undeclared Advising Program Intern, Outstanding Junior of the Year (Greek Awards 2009).
Personal Statement: Improve school spirit and unity. I am the most qualified for the job. My previous involvements have given me skills that fit perfectly into the office of Student Service, I know how to utilize resources and people, and I always have an open ear.

Nusha Agahi – Third-year business economics major
Relevant Experience: Social Chair of Kappa Alpha Theta
Political Platform: Students deserve answers. My main goal is to bring this campus back to life. I intend on using the talented students of UCI to assist me in my vision of turning this campus around. I hope to create a database of all entertainers, in order to help promote your talent, as well as provide your passion to the campus. The Bren Events Center deserves to be utilized. I promise to strengthen the relationship with the board of directors at the Bren, and the office of Student Services, in order to be able to host more concerts and infuse quality entertainment with the athletic events. Combining all of this will enhance your experience as a student, and strengthen the social image our campus will have for the future.

Kristin Oto – Third-year political science major
Relevant Experience: ASUCI Spirit Commissioner, ASUCI Newsletter Founder & Editor-in-Chief, ASUCI Publicity Co-Chair 2007-08, ASUCI Campus Events Intern, ASUCI Spirit Intern, Career Center Sacramento Internship Program Coordinator, UCDC Summer, Diplomatic Courier Magazine (Washington, DC) Contributor, Randy B. Lewis Leadership Conference Attendee
Political Platform: Secure sponsorships to afford bigger, better events, more noontime concerts, Anthill Pub comedy nights and movie nights, communicate through open office hours, effectively publicizing events, build up ASUCI’s relationship with the UCIPD to expand events, lead a strong, unified office of Student Services, increase outreach to clubs and departments

VP of Academic Affairs Candidates:

Shane M. Jagow – Third-year philosophy major
Relevant Experience: ASUCI Legislative Council Humanities Seat, member of ASUCI Vice-Chair Finance Committee, ASUCI Student Services Concert Commission Intern, Assistant Manager and Trainer for Darden Restaurants
Political Platform: Previously responsible for overseeing and training a staff of well over 100. I like doing things right the first time; if there is a problem, I will fix it. I want to make programs relevant to students. I want to bring relevant speakers and professors to our campus, give you the right tools to become a leader, make sure you can get involved, and make your voice count.

Jow Haider – Fourth-year political science major with a biological sciences minor
Relevant Experience: ASUCI President’s Office Deputy Chief of Staff, ASUCI Administrative Affairs Housing Commissioner, Employee of Scheduling and Conference Services, Student Programming Funding Board, member of Muslim Student Union
Political Platform: Extend “Free Speech” zones and times, reduce Student Center fees, make parking more reasonable, work towards a greener campus, improve the textbook exchange program, fight for student needs.

VP of Administrative Affairs Candidates:

Heaven Holdbrook – Third-year nursing science major
Relevant Experience: ASUCI Chief of Staff of President’s office, Student Center Advisory Board Chair, Student Center Advisory Board Member, Club Outreach Commissioner, Club Outreach Intern, VDC Norte Community Assistant, ARC lifeguard, SPOP Staffer, NSSA member, National Society of Collegiate Scholars member, Order of Omega member, Sigma Gamma Alpha member, Alpha Phi Fraternity member
Political Platform: Improve effectiveness of student advisory boards, ensure that Tortilla Express is replaced by fall quarter and that Jamba Juice is open by winter quarter, work with the Student Center to reduce labor fees and after-hour fees, open the Bren Events Center to more student organizations and lower user fees, unite with the city of Irvine to form a “renters’ association” with students to reduce rental fees for students.

Ahrash Rastegar – Second-year literary journalism major
Relevant Experience: Arroyo Vista Community Programmer, ASUCI Assistant Commissioner of Spirit, ASUCI Spirits intern, ASUCI Academic Affairs intern, UCI MUN Moderator, Iranian Student Union member, Young Democrats member, Social Chair of Phi Gamma Delta
Political Platform: Transform the office of Administrative Affairs into a more open, involved, inter-connected, externally connected, efficient, and welcoming office, foster the growth of clubs on campus by giving them more of an opportunity to publicize themselves, extend Student Center hours and open a study break room that is available to everyone, fix loopholes and end absurd rules with UCI Parking.