ASUCI Election Results Delayed by Complaints and Council Decisions

Under ideal conditions, the results for the ASUCI election could have been released Tuesday, April 21, but elections results are now nearly a week late and counting.

In the 2008 elections, the process was delayed by a complaint filed against a candidate running for the executive office of the president. In an effort to prevent this from happening in the 2009 elections, Elections Commissioner Kelli Chew revamped the elections code.

“We had completely rewritten the [ASUCI] Elections Code so that everything that is morally wrong is accounted for. There were no threats or hazing, or anything like that, and in that sense I’m very proud of the process,” Chew said.

While the restructuring solved certain problems, others have risen to take their places.

“I’m kind of impressed that people found new ways to set back the elections process yet again,” Chew said.

Chew is referring to the number of complaints filed in this year’s elections. There is at least one complaint filed against at least one candidate in each executive office, with the exception of Student Services vice president.

Not only are the candidates under fire, but also both the UCI Stimulus Package Referendum and the elections process itself have complaints filed against them.

“This committee has the power to disqualify a candidate. So, if the Elections Commission isn’t unbiased in [its] decision, you can question the process and question the biases for people on the commissions,” Chew said.

In a perfect world, the Legislative Council would have ratified the elections process this past Tuesday; however, the council has been in talks for the past week and plan to continue the discussion in its meeting this Tuesday.

In order for the Elections Commission to post the uncontested results, which include the results for Student Services vice president, all Legislative Council positions and the TGIF Referendum, it must first wait for the Legislative Council to ratify the elections process.

The Legislative Council is expected to come to a decision as to whether the Elections Commission has run a clean election this Tuesday at 5 p.m. during their meeting in Woods Cove in the Student Center. Results are expected to be posted the following morning.

After the uncontested results are posted, the Elections Commission will discuss and come to a decision on the contested results.

After candidates determined to be guilty of campaign infractions are eliminated and those determined to be not guilty are cleared of accusations, final results will be posted on the ASUCI Web site.

There is no guaranteed date for the posting of the results, but elections officials predict results will be finalized this week.

While the Legislative Council is required to approve the process, the elections commissioner believes the process was fair.

“In my opinion, nothing bad happened. Nothing was actually tampered with in any way and no one knew who would win. It’s almost impossible to tamper with who wins and who loses,” Chew said.

The revisions in the elections process could not predict the events that transpired this year, Chew explained.

“This is something that our elections code does not make room for. We know morally what should happen, but there is a timeline for what is supposed to go on,” Chew said.

The Elections Commission has been ready with uncontested results for some time; the Legislative Council must ratify the process in order to announce the information to the students.

The Legislative Council meeting will be held in Woods Cove on Tuesday at 5 p.m. Public comment is reserved for the first ten minutes and students are welcome to bring their comments to ASUCI’s attention.