I Have to Get Something Off My Chest. USC Fans, You Blew It.

I am not a University of Southern California hater. I repeat, I could care less about that campus, the school or the people that go into it and come out of it. It is far from my house and has no bearing on my life. I know it is popular to hate on that school and its people, but hating on something that I don’t care about is really not my deal.

However, after the display that USC put on at my home court on Thursday night at the Mountain Sports Federation volleyball semifinals, I have to speak my piece. Or rather, voice my disgust.

I have never, and this is after four years of going to countless collegiate sporting events, seen a visiting team’s crowd act with less class than the Trojan faithful. It was pitiful. It was throw-up-in-my-mouth-worthy. It was, not surprisingly, very Trojanesque.

Scattered about like cockroaches, the crowd spewed with glee as their team finally, after five years, played well enough to beat the Anteaters. Once again, I repeat, with emphasis in my voice, this is the first time in five years they have beaten us.

They acted like they just won an Olympic medal. Without any respect, USC students and alums spit out disrespectful trash talk that was neither funny nor appropriate. It was all just ridiculous bandwagon garbage. At one point, members of the “volleyball locals” section in the wood bleachers had to “help” escort an inebriated, obnoxious USC spectator out of their section.

The dude was probably around 55 years old, fat and completely embarrased himself in the name of his precious USC colors.

But the most embarrassing part of the USC entourage has to be the band. Throughout the history of man there has been that running joke about marching bands being huge dorks, and it was never more true than on Saturday. If I were these kids’ parents, I would stop paying their tuition, take away their instruments and tell them to sit in a corner and think about how much they have embarrassed the family name.

It was that bad.

At the end of the match they played that god-awful fight song and the fingers started flying. That’s okay; they won. They can do their little celebration thing. No big deal. But when and where is it okay for the band to start yelling at Irvine supporters telling them to go home, flipping them off and jabbing their instruments into the air as if they got the last kill to win the match? Aside from me being an Irvine supporter and getting livid at the sight of that, anyone would have looked at these dorks and thought, “How obnoxious.”

As the student section started to file out of the Bren Events Center, the band was threatening the students.

Yeah. I just said “WTF” in my head too.

If I was not affiliated with the New University and did not have to keep a respectable appearance for the sake of the paper’s integrity, I would have thrown down.

No joke, if I were a part of the group filing out right next to the band, I would have told the dorks nicely, in a calm, Clint Eastwood-y voice, to shut their mouths or something bad is going to happen. And when they didn’t (because it is pretty clear they are numb to recognizing when it’s time to stop), I would have walked directly up to the flute player, grabbed that little flute of his and chucked it down to the court. At which point, I would expect a rumble to happen, and the rest of the “volleyball locals” would then be able to physically speak their piece.

I know this went through the minds of the people that were actually in that group filing out next to the USC band on Thursday because I talked to them about it. And, to be honest, in hindsight it is always easier to say what you would have done, but the truth of the matter is that it was an awkward situation. These band dorks actually felt like they had something to do with the victory, and I think that simply shocked all of the Anteaters in the stands, just like I was shocked.

But thinking about it now, I am not shocked at all. After watching that night unfold it has become clear that the USC fan culture revolves around such immense pride that they find it necessary to jab at the opposing team and its fans any chance they get. The thing that separates the USC bandwagon is that they do it without class.

This is not me being mad about the outcome of the match; this is me explaining why I was shocked to see how obnoxious the USC fans were after beating our team for the first time in five years. What they should have done was cheer and be excited about the win, not focus on talking trash to the home-court patrons.

And when I tell my friends that go to USC about this little episode, they will most likely laugh and express their joy over how obnoxious their band was. And you know why? Because the USC fan culture breeds assholes.

Yeah. I said it.