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Medical Center Scheduled to Receive Stroke Victims

Orange County Health Care Agency recently named the UC Irvine Medical Center a Stroke-Neurology Receiving Center.

This is one of the first steps toward Southern California’s first programs to swiftly direct stroke patients to hospitals best equipped for their care.

Emergency service providers can take patients to one of six receiving centers for high-level neurovascular care. The system has been established in order to provide care during the early hours of a stroke.

In an interview with OC Metro, Dr. Steven Cramer, director of the UCI Stroke and Cerebrovascular Center and proponent of the program, stated that immediate treatment at the onset of a stroke can significantly improve patient outcome.

The Stroke-Neurology Receiving Center will have round-the-clock care from a neuroradiologist. The center will also have an on-site medical director, as well as an emergency-medicine physician, a neurologist, neurosurgeon and radiologist on call and available at all times.

Freshman Dies After Running Across the 405 Freeway

Raphael Nunez (18) was killed Thursday night after being struck by at least one vehicle while running across the 405 Freeway. Nunez was pronounced dead on the scene at 11:18 p.m.

Phinguyn Nguyen (22) was driving the vehicle that struck Nunez, with a 20-year-old female passenger.

Authorities received several reports of a pedestrian near the Bristol Street exit on the 405 North. A minute later, officers received another 911 call reporting that a red Honda Accord had hit the man.

Authorities also received reports of a second vehicle striking Nunez, but these reports are unconfirmed.

According to the Daily Pilot, Nguyen stated that he saw the car in front of him swerve right and he could not avoid Nunez, hitting him with his left front end and catapulting him onto the windshield.

Nguyen and his passenger were injured during the accident and required medical attention at the Fountain Valley Regional Hospital and Medical Center.
California Highway Patrol officers have not yet determined the reason Nunez was on the freeway.