Personal Style 2.0: Fashion Blogs that Trump the Age-Old Magazine

As much as I love fashion magazines, I often find myself getting frustrated with their content. Photo spreads might as well be pages of a catalog that only sell clothes that a college student can’t afford to dry clean, let alone afford to wear.

When I want a dose of reality, I forgo the glossy pages filled with impossibly tall models and go online to peruse my favorite fashion blogs. These days, the blogosphere is expanding, with countless bloggers recording their daily outfits, fashion news and musings on the latest trends.

However, there are only a few Web sites that I frequent daily. These bloggers not only show off their unique personal style, but they also demonstrate how the latest trends aren’t solely reserved for the pages of magazines. As real people with real bodies, lives and stylistic visions, they show that you too can work more fashion into real life.

For fashion inspiration and sage advice, visit my favorite blogs of the moment:

Fashion Toast:

Rumi Neely’s popular blog, Fashion Toast, is full of gorgeous photos of the blogger’s effortless yet daring style. San Diego-based Neely is known for her uncanny ability to embody the high-low aesthetic in every ensemble she posts. Take her last post for example: Neely paired a baggy Ungaro hoodie adorned with chains, leather shorts, tights and platform heels in basic black.

Another instance in which Neely mixes a high-end designer piece with wallet-friendly fashion is her mix of an oversize Alexander Wang sweater with cutoff Levi’s shorts and thigh-high stockings from Hot Topic. While these combinations may sound strange in a newspaper, Neely proves how well such random pieces can work together with a chic nonchalance.

Karla’s Closet:

I constantly turn to Karla Deras’ blog for inspiration because of her excellent ability to mix vintage and modern. This Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising student dares to wear eclectic mixes of vintage blazers, frilly skirts and blouses, and lots of American Apparel.

Aside from her many one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, perhaps the element of her outfits that I envy most is her seemingly endless collection of heels. Deras’ sophisticated outfits look perfectly put together, yet they are still edgy enough to remain youthful and fresh.

Style Bubble:

In high school, I was lucky enough to discover Style Bubble, a fabulous blog written by Londoner Susanna Lau, aka Susie Bubble. To this day, I am still amazed by her singular style. Style Bubble is the most informative of the blogs that I frequent because Lau offers her insight regarding the goings-on in the fashion world in addition to spilling the details on her wild outfits.

Lau blogs about boutiques in London and beyond, as well as new designers, fashion illustrators, fashion publications and more. A true trendsetter, Lau exhibits the kind of quirky style and adventurous attitude toward fashion that I would love to see more often in America. She has inspired me to take more risks and be unafraid to experiment with the bold, colorful and outlandish.

Bleach Black:

If you don’t have time to read through lengthy blog posts but you want a taste of what’s new in trends, Do-It-Yourself projects and more, visit The site is basically two blogs in one — two modules side-by-side written by Kristin Reiter and Valerie Killeen, designers for RVCA and Element, respectively. Reiter and Killeen publish short-but-sweet posts that exhibit their Southern Californian style and crafty sensibility; the latest post teaches readers how to make amazing Balmain-inspired spiked heels, for instance. Bleach Black does a fantastic job of posting quick trend reports, such as flowered dresses and crocheted pieces (as you may be able to tell, Bleach Black loves the ’90s).

Face Hunter:

Chances are, if you’re familiar with street style blogs, then you know all about the Sartorialist. I, too, am a fan of Scott Schuman’s snapshots of stylish people perfectly poised on the streets of New York, Paris, Milan, etc. However, I feel that Face Hunter captures another aesthetic in his subjects that deserves similar recognition. While most (if not all) of the Sartorialist’s shots include people in incredibly expensive-looking, chic ensembles, Face Hunter’s subject embodies a more louche and youthful realm of style. After perusing Face Hunter, I am able to see what fashion lovers are wearing in Stockholm, Berlin, Budapest and other countries. Most shots are taken during the daytime and give readers a refreshing view on style around the world — truly “eye candy for the style hungry,” as the site declares. Visit Face Hunter daily to get inspired to shake up your daily wardrobe and break out of the jeans and t-shirt rut.

Whether you’re looking for new trends to experiment with, new ways to wear basics or new gossip and events in the fashion world, look no further than these blogs. Bloggers make it possible to experience what’s new and what’s hot in fashion as soon as possible. All it takes is a few clicks to discover the latest news and the best style tips and secrets for you.