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Faculty member discusses new Supreme Court justice

On May 26, Rachel Moran, a founding faculty member of the UC Irvine School of Law, discussed memories of fellow Yale law student and now Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor in a discussion printed in the Huffington Post.

Sotomayor is the first person of Latino origin to be nominated to the United States Supreme Court. She graduated from Princeton University and Yale Law School before going on to become the first Latina nominated to the Second Circuit in 1997, among other achievements.

Moran, who was a 1981 Yale Law School graduate and UC Berkeley chaired professor before arriving at the UCI School of Law, had personally known Sotomayor at Yale Law School.

While Sotomayor was a year ahead of Moran, they met through an organization known as Latinos, Asians and Native Americans (LANA).

In her question and answer session with Huffington Post’s Bella DePaulo, Moran commented that Sotomayor was not only a serious student, but a fun person as well.

Golfer surpasses peers, awarded first team All-American title

Fifth-year criminology major Jane Chin was named Duramed National Golf Coaches Association (NGCA) First Team All-American after ranking 16th in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) championship Friday, May 22.

The NGCA gives yearly awards for women’s collegiate golf for First Team, Second Team and Honorable Mention, and refers to the selection process as “quite rigorous and highly selective.”

Members of the NGCA Awards Committee must review tournament profiles of each candidate and consider a multitude of athletic minutiae, including strength of schedule, scoring average and comparison with common opponents.

Chin’s title, therefore, is one that she has certainly earned after a difficult season in which UC Irvine placed 22nd at the NCAA championship, held at the Caves Valley Golf Club this year.

Chin still plans on playing professionally after UCI.