Blog debut for all you LUSTY ANTEATERS!

Hello my lusty little anteaters!

I hope you’re ready and waiting for the debut of the new Life Love and Lust column arriving October 5.

Don’t know what we’re all about? Well, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a brief description of the column:

Part advice and part investigative, this column has everything you can think of in the way of sex, love, and relationships. Anteaters and Irvine community members can submit their questions and expect to receive advice on any and all relationship issues – there are no boundaries here. We’ll also be accepting ideas for investigative pieces on relationship topics from reasons behind basic undergraduate breakups to worldwide topics on attraction in the US and other countries.

Make sure to check out the official Facebook Group titled Life, Love, and Lust at UCI

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If you’d like to send us an email with a question or idea for an article topic, contact us at

If you’d like to submit online (no email necessary) check back here – we’re currently accepting submissions! Check the submission guidelines for information on how to send in your questions and pick a category.

Of course, your anonymity and submitted content will be protected. Before publishing, the writer and editor are the only two people who have access to the content.

That’s all for now.

Keep that Student Body sexy, UC Irvine – we’re eagerly awaiting your submissions!