“Glee” Makes Fans Sing With Joy

<strong>Courtesy of Fox Television</strong><br>The cast of “Glee” has sung and danced their way into America’s heart, entertaining fans with competition, sabotage, and romance.

Courtesy of Fox TelevisionThe cast of “Glee” has sung and danced their way into America’s heart, entertaining fans with competition, sabotage, and romance.

After teasing viewers with a critically acclaimed pilot episode, “Glee” has finally returned as a part of Fox’s Wednesday night lineup. In May, Fox aired the pilot episode following the season finale of American Idol and it immediately captured the imagination of audiences with its inventive musical numbers and sharp, clever comedy. People quickly fell in love with the show as it became one of the most talked about programs of the fall.

Unfortunately, fans had to wait four months to see what happened next since the show didn’t officially premiere until this month. However, this may have been the most brilliant marketing plan on Fox’s part since over 7 million viewers tuned into the highly anticipated premiere.

It’s hard to pinpoint only one reason why people are falling in love with this quirky comedy. From the comedic satire, humorous dialogue and hilarious characters, “Glee” seems like the perfect equation for a successful comedy series. But the one quality that brings the show over the top is the raw talent of the show’s young cast.

Headed by Lea Michele who plays Rachel Berry, a crazed and driven performer determined to prove her worth, the Glee Club struggles to impress their fellow classmates and shed their titles as losers. It seems like they will need a lot of help, though, with the high school’s cheer team, the Cheerios, gunning to see them fail.

The Cheerios are the pride and glory of the school. When the team coach finds out that they will have to sacrifice money to help the talented group of singers, she sets on a warpath to destroy Glee Club and their teacher, Mr. Schuester. Played by Matthew Morrison, Schuester is determined to help the students find themselves as well as find himself.

Not only does “Glee” offer grueling competition and conniving sabotage, it is also a romantic story. When school jock, Finn, hesitantly joins the musical group, he begins to find himself getting closer to Rachel,which proves to be big problem for his cheerleader girlfriend, Quinn, who incidentally is president of the Celibacy Club, but isn’t above using her feminine wiles and short skirt to get what she wants. According to Quinn, “It’s all about the teasing and not about the pleasing.”

Another love story involves school guidance counselor, Emma, an obsessive-compulsive germaphobe, who is smitten with Mr. Schuester even though he is married to the craft-loving Terri, an employee of Sheets-N-Things. Terri is hell-bent on having the perfect home and starting a family with him, and expressed while looking at a potential home, “This is where our daughter or gay son will sleep.”

“Glee” also utilizes popular songs in their musical numbers in their attempts to draw audiences. Doing renditions of Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” and Rihanna’s “Take a Bow” amongst other classics, “Glee” provides a range of musical styles to satisfy viewers.

“Glee” has charmed its way into the hearts of many with its stylish musical numbers and biting wit. And with the underlying struggle of the underdog, “Glee” can appeal to the pariah in all of us.