Yudof’s Gaffe

Do you ever wonder if President Yudof has a public relations person? Because if he does, he needs to fire the idiot and get someone better.

Last week, in an head-desk filled interview entitled “The Big Man on Campus,” President Yudof told the New York Times Magazine that his career in education was an “accident,” that he wanted to be a lawyer and that being President of the UC system is like being the head of a cemetery. Well, thanks Mr. Yudof. Apparently, things weren’t painful enough at the UCs; you had to make it worse.

Well, judging from the firestorm on line and in the halls of various departments around campus, the living dead might have just been pushed over the limit.

Certainly that was the case this week, when the editorial board unanimously voted (this rarely happens) to make this week’s editorial about the lack of leadership at the UC. (cough, cough, President Yudof)

The editorial will be out next Monday and you can read the original interview in full at .