Style Files For Male Minds

Who says men don’t care about fashion? This fall, the male fashion scene is turning to dark rich colors like blacks, deep reds, and navy as seen at Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Givenchy, Richard Chai, and at many other fashion labels. These colors are accompanied by bold block colors paired with darker colors to give a pop twist for the fall and winter seasons as displayed at Gucci, Etro, and Marc by Marc Jacobs.

This year’s fall and winter collections return to classic attire such as sports coats, pleated pants, and lace-up loafers all cut to suit the modern man. Today’s classic staples were implemented into the sneaker in leather and croc skin, leather jackets, and the classic jean. I always call denim the universal fabric of fashion. Other designers like Gareth Pugh, Thom Browne and Jeremy Scott pushed the envelope of men’s fashion by diving deeper into the pool of male avant-garde from Thom Browne’s jumpsuit to Gareth Pugh’s spiked jeans.

I know what some of you guys are thinking at UCI, “I’m not into fashion, or I would never wear any of this, or I can’t afford it.” I can answer all these questions. First, to the male student who is not into fashion: It’s not imperative to be fashion-forward or care about what you wear to class or elsewhere, but there are those occasions where you may have to dress up and look stylish and current.

Second, for those who have their own eclectic or distinctive signature style and don’t want to conform to the fashion-forward set, I say keep your style, but try to add embellishments that can make your look more current. Third, for those who say, “I love fashion, but can’t really afford it right now,” here’s my advice: There are many ways to circumvent the eye-popping prices and to use more moderately priced labels to achieve great looks for the upcoming seasons. If you’re looking for bargains, go to the Lab (anti-mall) in Costa Mesa. They have great stores with good quality clothes that are current with the fashion elite for affordable prices. Stores like Buffalo Exchange have vintage pieces like Burberry polo t-shirts and great classic pieces like coats, and pants (I picked up a vintage Michael Jackson tee for 11 bucks). Buffalo Exchange also lets you sell your old clothing for a profit. So go through the stuff you won’t wear this season and sell it or trade it at Buffalo Exchange. Also try surfing the Internet for great deals. You can try shopping at places like, and Try finding coupons to other clothing Web sites. You can usually find a coupon for 10-25% off which makes a huge difference when checking out your cart.

Whatever your style of fashion, be yourself and most of all — have fun with it.