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Could the Chemical Cause For Obesity Lead to a Cure?

Intriguing news for all Top Ramen, Doritos and Hostess cupcakes fanatics: it’s not the food that’s making us fat. It’s the packaging.

UC Irvine biologist, Bruce Blumberg, has stated the claim that processed foods are not only high in fat and caloric count because of the food itself — the packaging is also to blame.

Scientists like Blumberg are in the midst of exploring how the chemicals used in plastic packaging might lead to a spike in body fat.

The new chemicals have been dubbed obesogens. According to Blumber, obesogens are compounds that change the normal function of metabolic hormones.

Blumberg and his constituents are among the relatively large number of researchers looking at the possibility of this theory.

Although research still remains in the early stages, the obesogen theory is becoming more widespread. In fact, Newsweek published an article in mid-September concerning the rising media attention this movement has been gaining.

As buildup continues, Blumberg remains hopeful for further research and knowledge concerning this tantalizing aspect of American health.

“Over the past few years, acceptance of obesogens has grown, and it’s now possible to get funding for research. It’s an idea whose time has come,” Said Blumberg.

Debt Questions Answered

Lately, have you found yourself looking at the state of California and wondering ‘What is going to happen? How will I ever be able to pay my elevated loans back?’ If so, CA Attorney General Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown, Jr. has answers for you.

On Thursday, Oct 29th, Jerry Brown will be paying a visit to the UCI Student Center Crystal Cove Auditorium in a free discussion concerning his 40 year career in politics, the state’s future, and a question and answer period in which the audience can then ask Brown Jr. his personal opinion on what will happen to California and the UCs.

This particular talk — the Peltason Lecture — is a highly esteemed presentation put on by the School of Social Science’s Center for the Study of Democracy; the group that is sponsoring the event.

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