Dude, UC Regents, Where’s My Bailout?

On Nov. 18 and 19, the UC Regents will ask UC students to pay $585 more to bailout the University of California. With the state giving the UC $637.1 million less, the UC Regents are asking the students to bear the burden of the state’s responsibility to fund higher education.

It is important to recognize that, as its board of directors, the UC Regents have the inherent responsibility of making sure that the state stays financially committed to public higher education. And in this responsibility, they have failed. They have failed to make the state see the importance of higher education to the Californian economy. They have failed to value students as integral to the state’s prosperous future. They have failed to keep the University of California financially viable as a public institution. And with this, we are paying for their mistakes.

The Regents are asking the students to bailout UC. The University of California cannot be saved by fee increases. This midyear fee increase is only going to raise $75.1 million in contrast to the $637.1 million that has been cut. In this pitiful attempt to bail out the University of California, the UC Regents are going to push thousands of students into loan debt or out of school. The Regents seem ready and willing to compromise access and affordability for very little perceived quality. Like the bailouts of the automobile and banking industries, this UC bailout will cost us thousands and benefit us very little.

If we let it happen, this will be the first of many bailouts attempted by the Regents. This temporary solution to an enduring problem leaves the state of California without a quality university to call its own. We, as students, must hold the Regents accountable to their true mission: keeping the state invested in its university. Join us on Tuesday at 6 p.m. in Pacific Ballroom B to find out how you can get involved in stopping the bailout of the UC.

Sarah Bana is the Executive Vice President of ASUCI. She can be reached at executivevp@asuci.uci.edu.