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ASUCI Provides a Free Legal Clinic for Students in Trouble

For UC Irvine undergraduate students caught in a legal bind and unsure how to respond, ASUCI offers a free legal clinic to assist in their dilemmas. The clinic brings an attorney to campus every Wednesday from 2 pm to 4 pm at the Student Center in the ASUCI Conference Room. This service is entirely confidential. Each free consultation session lasts 15 minutes.

Students interested in using this service are invited to schedule their appointments at For all other questions, contact ASUCI Commissioner Shaun Novik at

Fake Press Release Shocks UC with A $0 Dream

Students searching for communication from our fearless leader may have been blown away by his radical new “$0 Tuition Program” released last Monday by “President Mark Yudof,” who promised to establish the program by “using all the funds we put aside for rainy days under my desk and the funds we have with our friends over at Bank of NY Mellon Trust, we will stop all our financial and real estate speculation, and instead focus on developing a free education model and an open research matrix for the social benefit of people of California.”

Sadly, the press release, featured at and suspiciously similar to the University of California Office of the President homepage, was a fabrication by Ricardo Dominguez and others at b.a.n.g lab at UC San Diego, of which Dominguez is director.

The intent, Dominguez noted, was to break the circuit of dire press releases by Yudof and the UC Regents to powerless acceptance by the UC community.

“By creating a simulation of UCOP that was very slanted in a satirical way, [it was] a re-imagining of university as a zero tuition institution,” Dominguez said. “I think it is wholly possible.”

The release coincided with a panel event held at UCSD on Monday by b.a.n.g. lab and some faculty to envision the steps necessary to recreate UC as a zero-tuition university. b.a.n.g. lab will continue to organize with other UCSD groups to demonstrate against rising tuition.

The spoof press release did not create much of a ripple at UCOP, spokesman Steve Montiel said.