The Legislative Endorsement

<strong>By Emily Ling</strong>

By Emily Ling

This week, ASUCI will hold elections for Legislative Council positions. The New University newspaper extended an invitation to all candidates running for positions on the Council to come in for an interview. The endorsements that follow are based upon interviews conducted with those who responded and participated in the interviews.

The Editorial Board chose to endorse candidates based on three criterion: the candidates’ past leadership experience, how well the candidates understood the job requirements of a Legislative Council Member and the candidates’ potential to make a difference on Legislative Council.

In the past, too often we have seen Legislative Council members missing meetings, neglecting their constituencies and leaving their creativity at the door. We have seen a lack of initiative and a lack of respect for the position. Finally, and most importantly, we have seen that a large majority of students at UC Irvine are entirely unaware of the purpose and potential of their Legislative Council representatives.

According to the ASUCI Web site, Legislative Council members are responsible for approving the budget for the fiscal year, approving or rejecting any legislation brought to them, approving or rejecting the recommendations for amending the ASUCI Constitution, Legislative Council By-Laws and the Elections Code. The members are also responsible for meeting with the dean of their respective school at least twice per quarter, holding bi-monthly office hours to address any concerns that their constituents may have and actively attending council meetings.

We want a Legislative Council that not only fulfills job expectations, but exceeds them. We want to see these members going above and beyond traditional methods of communication with students, and working hard to come up with new ways to respond to student opinions.

We want to see a spring election that’s not bogged down by an individual candidate’s abilities to manipulate a system that lacks effective controls. We want to see productive legislation passed this year and the ASUCI constitution revised for the better.

And most of all, we want Legislative Council members who live up to ASUCI’s job descriptions, student expectations and campaign promises.

Our endorsement in these candidates represents our belief that they will change ASUCI and this school for the better, and we hope that this will encourage all Legislative Council members to work creatively in improving their student government.

Elections will run from 9 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 16 to 4 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 19th. Students can vote online at

We would also love to hear your thoughts about the editorial, the election and the candidates. Please visit our Web site at Comments can be submitted in the opinion section. We also strongly encourage you to tell any campaign supporters and ASUCI members to view the editorial and share their thoughts as well.

Biological Sciences: Avinash Sharma
Was Bio Sci Rep last year

At Large:
Eric Ly – Worked on TGIF and for Jesse Cheng as Policy Strategist
Walter Rodriguez – Soc Science Rep last year

Humanities: Alex Sund
Student Council at UCSC

Engineering: Vikram K
Current Engineering Representative, Served on Leg Council last year

Arts: Shabnam Kalbasi
Member of Music Student Council

Business: Martin Vu
Founder and co-executive officer of Merage Undergrad Student Assoc.

Sustainability: Kevin Schlunegger On Moniterirng Committee for TGIF

Physical Sciences: Christy Loo
Intern for Center for Service in Action, knows PS student needs

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