AE: Warwick and White Fang

<strong>JOSE DANIEL RUIZ |</strong> Staff Photographer<br>Juliana Warwick’s (above) lovely lilting harmonies rang out through the HICF trailers Wednesday night.

JOSE DANIEL RUIZ | Staff Photographer
Juliana Warwick’s (above) lovely lilting harmonies rang out through the HICF trailers Wednesday night.

You constantly hear people complain about how there’s nothing to do in Irvine, that nothing exciting ever happens; but if you look hard enough, you’ll find that there’s plenty of exciting and eventful things happening right here on campus, like shows hosted by the DIY student organization, Acrobatics Everyday.

In a world where mainstream music dominates nearly every airwave frequency, it’s nice to have an organization that provides a safe haven for little unknown travelling bands to perform in. On Thursday, Acrobatics Everyday honored their principle by welcoming Julianna Barwick, White Fang, Boom! and Jules Verne to perform in the HICF trailers.

Upon entering the trailer, it was very apparent that everything fell under the “do-it-yourself” catergory: from the merchandise table to the chalkboard art to the paper ringlets hung around the room. Yet, as fantastical as the room looked, the anticipation for music began to build, and finally the first band took the stage.

The first band to perform was Jules Verne, an Orange County garage band. The band members were a little nervous performing their first show, but that didn’t stop them from dancing, with the occasional head banging, illuminated with fluorescent green and blue lights. Named after the French sci-fi author Jules Verne, the band used a reading of one of Verne’s most famous novels, “A Journey to the Center of the Earth,” as a back track to their jams, providing a unique facet to their mediocre songs.

Shortly after Jules Verne finished, Julianna Barwick of Brooklyn, New York took the stage, this time with nothing but a bright backlight and a wooden board lined with delay pedals, distortion pedals and a drum sampler. With the help of multiple pedals, Julianna created beautiful harmonies as she overdubbed “Oh”s and “Ah”s over simple, short, indecipherable verses. Her ethereal performance easily lulled the audience into a dreamy state as her angelic voice captivated everyone in the room. Her style echoes influences of Enya, and her vocal interplay parallels the vocal arrangements mastered by the ladies of the Dirty Projectors. Needless to say, she had a breathtaking performance.

As evening threatened to linger on into wistfulness, Portland-based Boom! made sure that there was no day-dreaming going on during their set. They charged through their songs, one after another. With songs like angst-filled anthems, the band created a state of calamity as they raged, thrashed, and danced their way through their set.

Just when it seemed like the level of energy was about to topple over, White Fang dragged it up a notch with a performance filled with plenty of dancing, jumping, shoving, and shoulder-sitting. In fact, the performance was so intense that the bassist had to remove his glasses in order to properly bang his head to the music. Throughout the performance, White Fang’s front man did not stop moving once — he went from dancing on the stage, to standing on chairs, to rolling on the floor, and ending the night by jumping onto the bassist’s shoulder. By the last song, the band had the entire trailer shook up; the audience finally released their boiling energy as they joined the band in their dancing parade.

So, the next time you think there’s nothing to do in Irvine, think twice. If you want to have a good time, meet amazing people and listen to awesome underexposed bands, then head on over to the next Acrobatic Everyday show to get your dose of authentic trailer music.