“New Moon”: Love it or Hate it? (Love)

Who would have thought the Twilight Saga would become such a great phenomenon?!

I arrived in Westwood, Los Angeles on Sunday evening. I was planning to camp out overnight to see the world premiere of “New Moon,” the second installment in the popular “Twilight” series, only to find there were already 700 people ahead in line.

I talked to the first couple of people in line, who just happened to be the respective founders of Cullenboysanonymous.com and Twifans.com. Alison Genet, the founder of Twifans, drove from Arizona to LA just for the premiere. They were waiting in line since Thursday morning, camping out for a total of five days. They had also booked a hotel room, but it was primarily for showers and phone-charging. They chose to sleep on the cold, hard floor outside of the theater instead of the beds that they paid for.

The line went seven blocks down, with people sporting Twilight blankets, pillows, suitcases and all sorts of accessories. If that’s not dedication, I’m not sure what is.

I have to say that I am a victim of the “Twilight” frenzy. I stood in line for eight hours straight just to get a glimpse of “Twilight” hunk Robert Pattinson. I think so many teens love him because he portrays Edward Cullen, the perfect guy — and, well, a vampire. I have been to other movie premieres, but none were nearly as intense as “Twilight.”

When asked what he thought of his die-hard fans, Robert Pattinson answered, “You are all completely insane!”

Being a huge fan of the Twilight Saga, I had high expectations for this movie. All I can say is, “New Moon” did not disappoint. The quality of the movie was much better and the new director Chris Weitz led “New Moon” in a new direction. The acting improved and the main actress Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) was actually barely awkward. Each movie scene flowed very smoothly. There were still cheesy and corny moments in the movie but it is all part of “Twilight.” Then the anticipated shirtless scenes of both main stars Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) had the girls screaming wild.

However, “New Moon” is actually more guy-friendly compared to “Twilight”. It includes a lot of action of werewolves and vampires – but I won’t give out the juicy details. So, my recommendation? Give the movie a chance and watch it, but good luck getting tickets this weekend.

Now to start counting down the days until Twilight Saga: “Eclipse” comes out in June.