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The Problem of Disposing E-Waste

The disposal of technological necessities such as cell phones, computers and Prius engines is blossoming into quite the dilemma.

Not only is it difficult to get rid of these commodities when they become obsolete, it is also hard to find places to put them, with America’s landfills already housing an estimated 2.3 million tons of waste.

This catch-22 has lead UC Irvine Civil and Environmental Engineering Associate Professor Jean-Daniel Saphores to link up with Oladele Ogunseitan, professor of public health and social ecology, to lead a study that will entirely refashion the way we dispose.

According to UCI today, the study calls to attention the “ineffective maze of e-waste recycling and disposal practices from state to state.”

The study also nudges the U.S. and other countries’ governments to tighten up their enforcement of anti-dumping laws.

“This approach can make recycling more widespread and efficient,” said Saphores, who was recently published in the Journal of Environmental Management for his progressive work on this study.

But it is all our jobs as human beings to do our part, said Ogunseitan.

“Addressing e-waste involves collective and personal responsibility,” Ogunseitan said.

UC Irvine Medical Students Observe World AIDS Day

On Dec. 1, UC Irvine medical students will be observing World AIDS day.

Approximately 1,250 red flags will be placed around UCI’s campus and at the UC Irvine Medical Center in recognition of this event.

A majority of the flags will be placed in Aldrich Park and used to form the shape of a large red bow. Every red flag used in this event accounts for 20,000 lives that have been lost to AIDS.

To continue their observation, students and faculty will be gathering together at noon at the Nelson Auditorium in the School of Medicine for a moment of silence to be followed by a series of speakers.

These speakers include Ralph V. Clayman, M.D., Dean (Interim) for the School of Medicine; Gerald A. Maguire, M.D., Senior Associate Dean of Educational Affairs; Michael O’ Leary, B.S., HIV/AIDS Activist and M.D. Candidate, Year 2; and Bobi Keenan, A.C.R.N., Infectious Disease AIDS/HIV Nurse.

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