Get Real ASAP – Casting Call For Real World 24 Closes Next Week!

Real World opened up round one of casting for their 24th season way back at the start of Fall ’09 but don’t fret if you were planning on waiting for  grad school reject letters to come through –  you’ve still got about a week to apply!

If you think you’ve got what it takes and can stand living with a bunch of strangers for four months, the closest open casting session will be held in Huntington Beach, CA at Centerfield Sports Bar and Grill on Saturday from 10am-5pm. Applicants will need to bring a recent photograph and a driver’s license.

If you can’t make it, check out other application details on the Bunim-Murray website.

According to Damon Furberg, Supervising Casting Director, casting calls in California are generally pretty popular. On the low end, turn out usually hits around 200-300 and on the high end, turn out can reach totals of 600-700. Furberg said that the casting events are informal and each candidate’s experience will vary according to their Casting Director’s attitude.

“Sometimes people will play party games, sometimes they’ll open up a topic for debate and some will ask individual questions about the candidates,” said Furberg.

While the first casting call is quick and dirty, potential cast members should expect to be in this for the long-haul as the interview process includes several more sessions.

“These casting calls are just first to get an idea of the personalities that we like. The whole thing is a fairly in-depth process – by the time we get done with someone and get them into the house, we’ve probably spent 3 or 4 hours interviewing them,” said Furberg.

Casting Directors will be looking for charismatic cast members who can generate viewer-interest in the show.

“The number one thing we’re looking for is people who are charismatic. We want someone who is a good story teller, someone who has a presence and draws other people to them,” said Furberg. “People have he mistaken idea that we’re only looking for a certain stereotype and that’s really not true.”

As a final note, Furberg has this to say to you Anteaters amped on applying:

“Don’t be intimidated to try out – sometimes people find the numbers to be kind of daunting and I would hate for people to stay home just because there’s a lot of competition for getting on the show. We never know exactly what it is we’re looking for so don’t be afraid to come out and just be yourself.”

Check back for updates after the event!