New Year’s Resolutions: Find a new relationship, lose a bad one, or improve the one you’ve got! 1/3

1of 3: Finding a new realtionship

Finding a new beau isn’t the easiest of tasks, especially for those who find themselves exteremely busy. Whether you’re in school or working, it’s important to find time for yourself and there are always ways to meet new people – you just have to put in a little effort!

Join an interest group: Joining a club with a topic that interests you is a great way to make new friends and possibly find someone you might be interested in dating. You can easily google the topic and just add “Orange County” or your zip code in the search box to find it nearby. If you’re still in school,

Take a class: Taking a class is another way to discover more about something your’e interested in and to meet new people. Find your local community center from this list:, click the page and discover the classes and events offered in your community.

Coastline ROP also offers an expansive variety of courses for high school students and adults. The fee is usually $40 for an entire semester with classes ranging from flower arranging and baking to first responder and animal care internships.

Volunteer: Volunteering is a wonderful way to get involved with your community. This site offers searchability by location and interests for volunteer opportunities in Orange County. You can commit to a one-time weekend deal like Habitat for Humanity, a few hours a week with an organization like Court Appointed Special Advocates, or two years with the Peace Corps. Any way you spin it, you’ve got a variety of opportunities to help out your community and meet new people who want to do the same.

Sign up for a dating website: Commit yourself to finding a mate this year by signing up on a dating site. As these sites have improved and become much more common in recent years, more and more people are logging in for a date. Sites like offer free memberships, but you can also get more extensive service by paying a fee. Remember that your safety is of the utmost importance so it’s better to spring for a reutable site like or than going for its seedy cousins. And while those sites do have a good reputation, that doesn’t change the fact that you need to take responsibility for your own actions. If you find someone you’re interested in, hold your first few meetings during the day in public areas like a coffee shop, or restaurant. Do not agree to be picked up or to meet the person at their home.

Check back for updates on the New Year’s resolutions of ending a bad relationship and improving your current one!