Sobriety/Driver’s License Checkpoint

The UC Irvine Police Department will be conducting a sobriety/driver’s license checkpoint on the UC Irvine Campus during the evening hours of Thursday January 14, 2010.  The exact location and the hours will be announced shortly before the checkpoint operations begin.

The purpose of the checkpoint is to deter the impaired driver by publicity surrounding the event, and by the highly visible presence of sworn officers at the location of the checkpoint.  Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) estimates that communities which consistently use sobriety checkpoints experience as much as 8 times the reduction in DUI incidence as communities which use roving patrols alone.  Checkpoints have been highly effective in educating the public to the hazards of impaired driving.  According to MADD, in one survey, 79% of the public approved of sobriety checkpoints.

The checkpoint will be clearly marked, and vehicles will be selected to be checked on a pre-set basis to ensure objectivity.  Motorists will be greeted and given an informational brochure on impaired driving.  Driver’s licenses will be checked, and trained officers will direct impaired drivers to a secondary check area for further evaluation.  Most motorists will experience little delay, if any at all.

Support for this project has been given by the UC Irvine Health Education Center Campus Community Alcohol Management Project (CCAMP).  Volunteers from CCAPM will be present at the checkpoint providing valuable alcohol awareness information.  The UC Irvine Police Department would like to thank Leigh Poirier Ball (UC Irvine Health Education Center Associate Director and CCAMP Project Director) for her support and assistance with this project.

Members of the media are welcome to view the checkpoint.  For further information, contact Assistant Chief Jeff Hutchison at 949-824-2491.