Beastly Beauty Ideas

Women around the world spend gargantuan amounts of money to enhance their physical features. Whether they desire augmented breasts, height, or even a temporary cure for greasy hair, numerous women desperately seek a solution to correct their physical flaws.

Beauty has become a desirable treasure that women search high and low for. Aside from the casual eye creams, fruit punch chapsticks, and L’Óreal mascara tubes, there are some beauty products, treatments and inventions that are completely surreal. From copper-weaved pillowcases to exotic hair treatments, these cuckoo beauty inventions are truly bizarre…and women actually use them.

Want to get your beauty sleep? Cupron, a company that specializes in producing socks, towels, pillowcases and sheets, invented a special pillowcase that will rejuvenate your facial skin. Within the first four weeks of use, your  facial skin will appear more smooth and anew. The secret is natural copper, which is weaved in through the fabric. The copper will prevent new wrinkles from forming as well as reviving your skin.

Ladies, if you can dye your locks, you dye your hair down there. Yep, you know what I mean. It  sounds absurd, but not for the creators of Betty Beauty. Betty Beauty is an independent beauty company that sells special dyes for your pubic hair. The dyes are made from natural ingredients and come in different colors. Try the hot pink one, I dare you.

Weight-conscious women can also gloss their lips for slimmer hips. The drink company Fuze and the cosmetics line Too-Faced joined forces to create a lip gloss that claims to  help the user suppress her appetite and lose weight. The Fuze/Too-Faced Slenderize Guilt-Free Gloss contains energy boosters that can enhance energy levels despite the absence of food intake.

Want some collagen in your morning cup of coffee? Nescafé, the coffee branch for the Nestle food company, recently developed a coffee mix containing collagen, a protein found in connective tissues. Ingesting this coffee will help improve and rejuvenate your skin.

For those who want to be a little taller, the Japanese Neck Stretcher is the latest invention that may help you. Wrap the accordion-shaped device around your neck and fill it with air with the hand pump. The device will stretch your neck and increase your height.

Spas and salons also offer some strange beauty treatments. The Townhouse Spa in New York City offers spermine facials. For about $250, you can diminish wrinkles and smooth your facial skin with human sperm, which is rich in antioxidants.

But don’t forget the Geisha facial. The Geisha facial is concocted with nightingale droppings and guanine; it is prized by Geisha women from Japan who seek a smooth facial appearance.

The Townhouse Spa is not the only spa that offers crazy services. Hari’s Salon in London, England provides a hair-conditioning treatment that contains bull semen and a protein-enriched plant root called katera. Then there is the caviar hair treatment, which consists of a hair mask made from pure Iranian caviar. The caviar contains high-potency fish oils to nourish dry and damaged hair.

In some areas of South America, women smear snail secretion on their skin. This secretion provides multiple benefits for all types of human skin. It is commonly used for rejuvenation and protection against pollution and ultraviolet radiation.

In countries such as Turkey, China and Japan, people smoothen dry, rough feet by soaking them into a pail of water containing miniature fish (popularly called Doctor Fish) that nibble the dead skin off your feet. The result is perfectly soft feet.

For some people, the price of vanity is never too high. Perhaps we can appreciate the beauty we already have, even though the subject of beauty can be a beast.