Thoughts on the NFL

First, if you are reading this, you must have survived some tornadoes and thunderstorms and the start of a whole new season of “American Idol.” Congratulations, you have faired a lot better than Coco did at NBC.

Wow! So I guess I was wrong about a few things this football postseason. Raise your hand if you had the New York Jets going as far as they did this year. That’s what I thought. Mark Sanchez did something that no other recent alumni quarterback from USC was able to do: make it to a division championship game in their first year. Man, I cannot wait till Pete Carroll has to face his former quarterback who he said was too young to make it in the National Football League.

The Jets are young, but good. Not two concepts that usually go together in the NFL. Sanchez, Darrelle Revis and Shonn Greene will make sure the Jets are a good team for a long time.

This up and coming team is just that: they are a team for the future, not for the now. Enter the Indianapolis Colts. They are a veteran team that has been through the wars before, and know how to get it done and did against the Jets. As long as Peyton Manning is on the field, the Colts should be the favored team to win. Although Joseph Addai does not run as well as he did two years ago, the Colts do just enough in the run game to sell the play action pass that Manning has mastered. He still has enough threats (Wayne, Clark, Garcon and Collie) to challenge the best defenses. Peyton Manning will be the greatest quarterback in the NFL when he has finished playing. This team goes as far as Manning can, carrying the rest of them on his back.

My bad, Brett. You still got it; oh, do you still got it. Age is  simply a number to Favre. I don’t know how many 40-year-old football players play their best season of all-time in the waning years of their career. He hasn’t thrown single digit interceptions since his first year in the NFL. Oh yeah, he only threw four passes. Nice job, number four.

Kickers are human too, people. Maybe not like the rest of us, but they are still humans and make mistakes. It is just when they screw up, it costs the team and fans a lot more because they only have two jobs: kickoffs and field goals. The pressure for them to succeed is a lot higher for them than any other player. They are on the field the least amount of time compared with any other player. It happens to the best of them.

Now on to more pressing and idiotic matters. This will be the first year that the Pro Bowl will be on the weekend before the Super Bowl instead of the weekend after. I guess the NFL is hoping to keep fans interested in football for the usual weekend off between the AFC/NFC Championship games and the Super Bowl. NFL officials are also making the move because Pro Bowl TV ratings haven’t been as high as they once were. I don’t think they realize that this idea is going to blow up in their face.

The two major reasons why I believe that this will blow up in the NFL’s face as are follows: players from the two teams that will play in the Super Bowl will refuse the honor in order to focus on the title game. There is just too much to risk in playing in an exhibition game before the Super Bowl. What if Dwight Freeney tears his ACL and is not only out for the Super Bowl, but much of the upcoming seaso?. The Pro Bowl is a game where the players don’t play as hard as they normally do and this usually leads to injury.

The second reason why this will not work is because other players from teams not in the Super Bowl might say “no” to the invitation because they have nagging injuries that they want to rest. Tom Brady has said he won’t play this year because he’s hurt. What if he had two more weeks to rest and get healthy?

The result of fewer star players attending the Pro Bowl will be less people watching. Who wants to watch players who were chosen as alternatives and are not as good as the first choices? Sorry Pro Bowl: no thanks. I have better things to do on January 31. My special day!