Take a Seat, Swami; Melk Man Predicts the Super Bowl Winner

There are usually two ways of picking the winner of a game between teams. You can pick the team who you want to win or you can pick the team that is better statistically and talent-wise. Usually, our emotions get the better of us and our objective picking gets overrun by our desired result. Lucky for me, my desired Super Bowl choice is also my objective choice. Cliché warning! The Saints will come marching into Miami and win their first ever Super Bowl.

Thank God the NFL has a playoff system instead of rankings like college football. The fans are assured that the two best teams are playing for the ultimate prize: the Lombardi Trophy. I am so happy about the matchup this year that I am predicting this Super Bowl to be one of the top ten best ever Super Bowl games. I know this seems like a stretch, but I have plenty of reasons to back up my claims.

It starts at quarterback. Super Bowl XLIV will feature two of the top quarterbacks for not only this season, but for the last five years. These guys are in the elite class and Peyton Manning is on his way to becoming the greatest signal caller ever. He was a one-man wrecking crew against the Jets’ top-rated defense. Peyton has the postseason experience, but Brees has the better supporting cast. The Saints’ defense knows that it has to cover all of the Colt’s threats, not just Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark. Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie introduced themselves to the whole world against the Jets when both players went over a hundred yards receiving. Marvin who? However, the Saints can see that with Colston, Henderson, Moore, Meachem and Shockey, and raise with their x-factor Reggie Bush. Bush, who is finally looking to meet contact head-on, is that hybrid wide out/running back that needs two-player coverage at all times.

Peyton will have to use his knowledge and massive Q.B. awareness to diagram what the Saints D will be bringing him. This will not be a problem because Peyton will definitely get his numbers. The Saints will just have to force turnovers, which is one of their specialties.

I know every single NFL analyst will steal this from me, but the Saints have one huge advantage over the Colts that can prove to be kryptonite against the Colts’ high powered offense. The Colts are basically a one-dimensional team. I know Joseph Addai had a good game against the Jets, but there was room to run because the Jets were focusing on the pass. Addai has been slowed because of injuries these last few years and just hasn’t produced like his first two years in the league. The Saints will hopefully control him with their front four and drop back in zone to stop the Manning crossing route express.

The Saints, on the other hand, can run the ball. Pierre Thomas and Bush give the Saints a two-headed running attack that will keep the defense honest. What will prove crucial is if the Saints can sustain long drives and keep Manning off the field. That is how they will win the game. The best defense against Manning is to take the ball out of his hands. The Saints will play power football against the Colts undersized defense and control the time of possession.

I like the Saints for what I have discussed above and because of momentum, luck, or what have you. I believe in the team with the current mojo on its side and I love the underdog. Mardi Gras will come early this year. Saints 34 – Colts 28, with room for both teams to score more. I am not a handicapper, for God’s sake, but feel free to bet your savings on this pick. I will be in Vegas betting the Saints with the points and the over. They are due and it’s time to cash in.