Anteater TV Set to Air Soon

Anteater Television (A-TV), a new organization at UC Irvine, seeks to establish the university’s first-televised broadcasting program. However, working its way up the ladder has been all but simple.

It officially established itself as a club last fall quarter. A-TV is still in the process of recruiting new members who are committed and interested in embracing this opportunity for creative freedom.

Additionally, the organization is still in the process of finding the right location to set-up headquarters.

The founder and president of A-TV and second-year literary journalism major, Odalis Suarez, said, “We had to start out at the bottom, but we’re going to work our way up.”

Suarez is currently working with ASUCI to gain support for this movement. She also plans to contact the City of Irvine to work towards obtaining a public access channel.

“We need to get Anteater Television recognized and hopefully get a channel going as quickly as possible,” Suarez said.

However, these obstacles won’t keep A-TV from conducting its first broadcast, which is anticipated to show within the next couple of weeks. It will be posted online, on the main Web site as well as on Youtube and Facebook.

Linette Choi, vice president of A-TV, feels confident about the club’s future with its anticipated premiere of A-TV’s professional program, Zot News Network.

“We plan to broadcast regularly and as efficiently as possible,” said Choi in regards to the organization’s goals.

However, news is not the only facet A-TV. Sports, entertainment and Irvine-centered features will also be broadcasted. The organization is also considering game amongst other ideas. They highly encourage suggestions from the UCI population.

At the moment, stories being filmed cover a wide spectrum from profiles of UCI’s award-winning dance teams to an investigation of Omega-3, a nutritionally-essential fatty acid.

While UCI does not offer a Communications major, some students hope that A-TV will offer a valuable experience in broadcast journalism and the media.

Sahar Jahani, a first-year literary journalism major, will debut an investigative piece during the first broadcast of A-TV that digs deeper into last year’s controversy with the Muslim Student Union of UCI.

“I wanted to get the truth of the story out there and expose what most people turn away from,” Jahani said. “Raising awareness about all issues is important, especially here at Irvine.”

With the field of journalism transitioning into the virtual world, A-TV aims to be a part of the technologically advancing society. This is reflected in its slogan: “Bringing Anteaters and Television into One Entity.” Using television as a medium, it would be much easier to share news, opinions and insight on a more widespread and rapid level.

Asking around, it is arguable that Irvine, in the pit of conservative Orange County, moves at a “slower” pace than other schools in more urban cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco. Still, A-TV hopes to ignite a movement and create waves that will potentially help rectify this difference.

“First we need to connect through the city. Then we move to the school and dorms, making our channel available to everyone in the community,” Suarez said.

Having a school-based channel available in the dorms is just one of A-TV’s visions for the future of media in Irvine.

What the group desperately needs at this point are endorsements and dedicated members to expedite the process.

Script writers, film editors, aspiring directors, anchormen, cameramen, prompters and anyone interested are encouraged to take this opportunity to express their broadcasting creativity. Meetings are held on Mondays at 5:00 p.m. in Lido Isle A in the Student Center.